Friday, July 31, 2015

Semisonic - Closing Time

Band:  Semisonic
Genre:  Rock

Ah, Closing Time.  I'm pretty sure everybody has heard this song, either when it came out, on the radio, or the one coworker that thinks it's funny to play it when everybody is leaving.

Looking at you Ali. it's not funny, it's never been funny, and the song isn't that great anyway.

Anyway though, this song came on, made me think of it, decided to post it.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Smash Mouth - Walkin' On The Sun

Band:  Smash Mouth
Genre:  Alternative Rock, Surf Rock

Oh look, more 90s!

I really like this song a lot actually, it's on of maybe 3 Smash Mouth songs I knew before actually halfway looking into them.  I'm sure you've heard it before, it's catchy, talks about not delaying and acting instead, and how if you don't do these things you may as well combust on the surface of the sun.  Good times.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Finger Eleven - Paralyzer

Band:  Finger Eleven
Genre:  Alternative Rock

So as a fair warning to you all the other day at work a friend of mine was playing Smash Mouth's Pandora station.  I don't want to say that this is a bad thing, but you're gonna be flooded with 90s and 2000s rock for about a week now, starting yesterday.  Congrats, you get to listen with me while I get nostalgic for an era I don't remember cause I didn't even start listening to music till like, 2007.

You know how much that sucks?  I could have had a much longer time listening to music that I just missed out on.

Ah well, enjoy the music you've probably heard too many times on the radio,

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bowling For Soup - High School Never Ends

Band:  Bowling For Soup
Genre:  Pop Punk, Alternative Rock
Language:  Some, Mild

The first time I heard about these guys my uncle was playing a song of theirs talking about how he'd been at warped tour.  "I was walking down the main area looking at the different stages and I saw one with a 400 lb guitarist.  I knew I had to check those guys out." is what he said if my memory is accurate.  Turns out that they're fantastic.

You probably know them for the song 1985 cause that's the one that gets the most radio time if memory serves.

Monday, July 27, 2015

T-Pain - Take Your Shirt Off

Artist:  T-Pain
Genre:  Hip Hop, R&B
Language:  Strong
Themes:  Look at the title.

Good Lord, my mom's probably gonna choose this as one of the blog posts she tunes in on.  You know, she doesn't read every post, but when she does it always seems to be the worst stuff.

What's that you say?  Don't post things that she'd be disappointed in?  Dude, listen to the song and tell me it's not catchy enough  to share with the world.

So a bit about T-Pain, eh?  He's the king of Auto-tune, using it not to correct bad notes, but as an instrument to change the sound of his performance.  It's fun and at the time was really unique.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

OMI - Cheerleader

Oh look, it's a Pi post!  Or "the Pi post" I suppose I should say, since it's only gonna happen once.

This would be a classic example of not having a clue what I was gonna post one day and asking somebody at work.  Turns out I ended up getting some ideas and I put off posting this for about a week, but I figured I should post in eventually.

It's catchy, it's fun, and I'll probably never listen to it again.  Still, it's the kind of music that people actually like, so check it out!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Offspring - You're Gonna go Far Kid

Band:  The Offspring
Genre:  Punk, Rock
Language:  Some, Strong

For the longest time I thought the only song that The Offspring had was Come Out And Play.  Fortunately I learned how too turn on a radio and look at YouTube, so I soon discovered more of their stuff.

This song is possibly my favorite song they've put out (except Why Don't You Get A Job? and Hit That are both fantastic) so I figured I'd let you hear it.

One thing that bums me out is that these guys are notoriously bad in their live shows.  Really though, look up some live stuff, it's not that great.

Give 'er a listen though and tell me what you think.

Friday, July 24, 2015

U2 - New Year's Day

Band:  U2
Genre:  Alternative, Rock

I'm really hoping you all know who U2 is.  They're the band that added their album to your iTunes without you knowing it?  Well Apple did that, but whatever.

U2 has been around for ever now, and they have a sound that really can't be mistaken for anybody else.  Something that I think is really cool actually is that the sound they had back in the 80s still sounds relevant.  It almost could have been released in the last couple years and it wouldn't sound too out of place.

This song popped into my head the other day, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I remembered I did.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wiz Khalifa - See You Again

Artist:  Wiz Khalifa
Genre:  Hip Hop, Rap

I don't really listen to Wiz Khalifa, like ever, but when I ask somebody at work for a song you'd better believe that I'll actually post what they say.

Turns out I really like this song a lot, it's a cool little tribute to Paul Walker and all in all a really catchy song.  I never really saw any of the Fast and Furious movies, so I didn't really have the connection to Paul Walker that his fans did, but the song and video are actually really moving.  I'm probably the only person who hadn't heard this song yet, but if you haven't' heard it be sure to give it a listen.  If you have, it can't hurt to listen again either.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pink Floyd - The Gnome

Band:  Pink Floyd
Genre:  British Rock
Themes:  Nothing much, other than the obvious fact that these guys are whacked on some sort of drugs.

Eh, I guess I already summed up this song.  I'm curious as to what drugs they were actually on here.  I'm more than a little happy with the direction they took once Syd Barrett left, there was much less stuff like this.  Don't get me wrong, there's a certain charm to this music, but nothing about this is something I would want to listen to sober.  Maybe that's my issue, this isn't music that was written for me, but for people to enjoy being stoned to?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Chapel - Hellrazors

Band:  Chapel
Genre:  Speed Metal, Black Metal, Black N' Roll
Languadge:  Some
Themes:  Satan

Here ya go, another band that sings about Satan!  This isn't nearly the same as Ghost though, this is much more Metal.  You may remember way back when Jeff used to post?  Well he posted one of these guys songs then.  If you followed me this long then that's sweet and if not, go ahead and read his post.  He's an amusing fellow with decent music taste, he just doesn't like helping me or being tied down to projects he didn't decide to do.

Anyway, the song is a really fun song.  Think Venom mixed with Motorhead.

On a side note, Cooking With Alcohol pt 4 happened yesterday!  I learned that I don't like bourbon too much, and that I put way too much in my burger.  You see, I tried to make a bourbon burger, and it didn't go too well.  Far too much bourbon.  Maybe I'll get it right next time, eh?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Betraying The Martyrs - Let It Go

Band:  Betraying The Martyrs
Genre:  Deathcore
Notes:  Cover song.

You guys know I love a good cover song, and this is for sure is a good cover.

Never seen Frozen, don't really plan to, but as I'm sure all of you have, you know the main song.  The song translates surprisingly well to Deathcore though, and if you're familiar with the Punk Goes Pop albums you're probably familiar with the style that's about to pop up.  It's worth listening too though, even if only for the shear novelty of it.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ghost B.C. - Monstrance Clock

Band:  Ghost B.C. (Ghost)
Genre:  Rock
Themes:  Satan

Oh the irony that I post this band on a Sunday...

Ghost is a bit of an interesting band.  They're all "Satan-y", but you can be pretty safe assuming it's all just part of their stage act.  I mean look at the singer, Papa Emeritus.  There's no way you can take yourself seriously like this, ya know?

I feel like it'd be a lot of fun to dress up like this and play though, costumes make a lot of things better and playing stuff like this is no exception.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Album Spotlight: Tech N9ne - Everready (The Religion)

Hey look, it's Tech N9ne!  It's the rapper that you're all probably sick of by now!  Heck yeah, the stuff that only I'm still cool with right now!  I mean, I know that probably most of you aren't really into rap, and that those of you who are might be annoyed that this is one of the only rappers I listen to, but bear with me.  It's a really good album.

Artist:  Tech N9ne (and guests)
Genre:  Rap
Language:  Mild to Strong, varies per track.
Themes:  Sex on some tracks.

This is, in my opinion, one of Tech's strongest albums.  That being said, I've only heard 4 of his albums, but that's enough to pick a favorite.

There are songs that I love more than all the rest, but I'll give you the full list of favorite tracks later on.

First off you need to listen to the song No Can Do.  It's hook is just Tech singing "Y'all can't f*ck wit us" is a digitally lowered voice and while you may not like that so much, it makes for a really catchy song.  It's a driving song with a good beat, good for working out and such.

Next we've got Jellysickle.  The beat for Jellysickle just kinda bumps along and with the background vocals it gives a cool fun vibe to the song.  I also really like the higher synth line, it's a synth tone I just really like.  E-40 is featured on this song and what he adds just bumps this song up from good to great.

Now we've got Bout Ta Bubble.  This song is really bouncy and thus, enjoyable.  I don't know why I love this song so much, I just do.

Caribou Lou is a song about drinking a drink so strong that you lose your entire evening. Being the nice guy he is, Tech even hints at the recepie for you. It's half a bottle of 151, 1 cup of Malibu Rum, the the very vague step of "fill the rest of the jug with pineapple juice."  It's a really strong drink obviously enough, so if you're gonna try it make sure to be careful.

My Wife, My Bitch, My Girl is a song that just amuses me.  I don't know what it is, but maybe it's the lead up from it's intro track talking like he's on some sort of game show.

Finally we have Welcome To The Midwest.  I love the beat to this song, what with the acoustic guitar line it has and all.  Also I like the Sinatra-esq chorus.  All in all it's a very enjoyable song.

Alrighty then, let's hit up a track list and give it a listen!  The double stars are what I already talked about, and the single stars are my other favs that just didn't quite make the cut.

Riot Maker*
No Can Do**
Welcome To The Midwest**
Bout Ta Bubble**
Caribou Lou**
Hood Connection (skit)*
My Wife, My Bitch, My Girl**
Come Gangsta*
My World*
The Rain
The Beast

Friday, July 17, 2015

Nine Inch Nails - Closer

Band:  Nine Inch Nails (NIИ)
Genre:  Industrial / Industrial Rock / Ambient
Language:  Strong.
Themes:  Strong sexual tones.

Yeah, day two of the early warning / some info bar!

I decided to put this system to good use today with the Nine inch Nails song Closer.  This is a very messed up song.  I'm hoping you guys aren't getting tired of the occasional repeat artists, it gets hard to come up with a new artist everyday, so some of my favorites will make a few appearances.  What can I say, I'm a daily blog.

On that note, I'm hoping you are all enjoying this as much as I am.  This whole blogging thing has been quite an experience so far and I can't wait to branch out overtime.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Motörhead - Eat The Rich

Band:  Motörhead (Motorhead)
Genre:  Speed Metal / Classic Metal
Language:  Some

Let's take another look at Motörhead!  I'm mostly using this as the test template for the new feature at the top, but that's not important.  The important thing is that this song is fantastic.

On a side note, the number of times I say Fantastic, Catchy, Amazing, and Wonderful is probably way too high.  Ah well.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mogwai - May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door

I started reading a webcomic recently titled Questionable Content (it's really good, don't let the name scare you fro whatever reason) in which the main character is a dude who's super into indie music.  I don't remember what most of the bands they talk about are, but on a poster in the background was the name Mogwai.  I remembered hearing that name somewhere, so I decided to look them.

Low and behold I found a really good sounding band that functions great as background music!

I'm only gonna like to this one song picked at random, but the rest of the album it's from is very enjoyable.  Very laid back and cool.

So even though nobody actually answered I've gone ahead and decided to implement some sort of early warning system so you don't have to worry about what the music I'm about to show you is.  Probably a sort of genre/style bio up at the top under the picture.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wall Of Voodoo - Mexican Radio

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you might have heard this song before.  It's a really catchy song that talks about how back in the day guitars would occasionally pick up Mexican radio stations if they were playing in the Texas area.  It's a really cool song with a bit of off timing stuff going on that is just generally enjoyable.  If you've never heard it be sure to check it out.  There's no reason at all that you shouldn't hear it at least once in your life.

I'm beginning to think I need some sort of early warning system for people to know whether they need headphones or whatever when they listen to this stuff.  Maybe a language warning?  Lemme know what you think, cause I'd hate to think I'm blindsiding some of you who are unfamiliar with some of the stuff I post.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Marilyn Manson - (s)AINT

Manson gets a lot of bad rep because of a majority of his material being very obscene, but don't let this keep you away from some of his catchier songs.

I'm probably gonna have to do an album spotlight on this one soon, cause this is a really wonderful album in a lot of ways, but we'er just gonna talk about one single track this time.

What can I really say about this one.  It's got a reasonably catchy driving beat for the verse, the chorus is fun to sing along with, but there is one part that I really think stands out.  Hands down my favorite and catchiest part of the song is the end of verse 1 and the bridge portion in which he says "I've got an F and a C, and I've got a K too, and the only thing that's missing is a bitch like U."  I don't know what I like about it so much, it's just a catchy part of the song that I can't ever get out of my head.

I'm beginning to think I need some sort of early warning system for people to know whether they need headphones or whatever when they listen to this stuff.  Maybe a language warning?  Lemme know what you think, cause I'd hate to think I'm blindsiding some of you who are unfamiliar with some of the stuff I post.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Billy The Fridge - Just A Bill

Guys, this is post 300!  We have only 65 more days till I've been blogging for a year, how cool is that?  I would do some sort of party or something, but I really don't have the funds for a giveaway, nor do I have anything that you'd likely want.  Eh, maybe next time.

Today we're gonna talk about a guy I just found two days ago known as Billy The Fridge.  Mr The Fridge is a 500 lb rapper from Seattle, but don't let that scare you away.  A lot of people watch his videos for a fun little cringefest, but after you get past your initial amusment you'll realize that he's actually pretty good.

If rap's not your thing then you probably won't like him too much, but I enjoy it so I'm sharing it.

Yes, that's a donut on a chain.

I'm beginning to think I need some sort of early warning system for people to know whether they need headphones or whatever when they listen to this stuff.  Maybe a language warning?  Lemme know what you think, cause I'd hate to think I'm blindsiding some of you who are unfamiliar with some of the stuff I post.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

System Of A Down - B.Y.O.B.

So on one hand these guys are classed as Nu-Metal, but I'm not sure that's where they belong.  A lot of people place them there simple because that's the era in which they originated, but they are far closer to Prog.  According to Wiki they are Avant-Garde Metal, and that seems to fit a lot more to me.

They've got this fantastic thing they do were they seem to switch up styles in the middle of a verse.  This isn't really what I'm trying to say, but I'm not really sure how to explain what I mean.  Their song Chop Suey probably explains it the best, but there are moments like what I mean in this song as well.

One warning though is that this is a very opinion charged band.  Politics are a primary theme due to the singer Serj Tankian Armenian ancestry.  One neat note though is that Serj "was awarded the Armenian Prime Minister's Medal for his contributions to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the advancement of music." in 2011 according to Wikipedia.

I'm beginning to think I need some sort of early warning system for people to know whether they need headphones or whatever when they listen to this stuff.  Maybe a language warning?  Lemme know what you think, cause I'd hate to think I'm blindsiding some of you who are unfamiliar with some of the stuff I post.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Korn - Get Up!

Korn went through a bit of a rough time in 2011 when they released a Dubstep album.  I won't say it's a horrible sounding album, but it really is a vastly different direction from their traditional sound.  On one hand change is good, but on the other hand this was right when Dubstep was being hotly contested as whether it was "real" music or not.  It still is now, but it's much more accepted.

People are still iffy about the new Korn sound (which is really different from this) but one thing that almost all Korn fans can agree on is that this album just isn't too great.


If you're a fan of Metal and Dubstep mixed then this is something you'll like.  The album is great for Dub fans that like the more vocally centered stuff with a little bit of a harsher edge.

I'm beginning to think I need some sort of early warning system for people to know whether they need headphones or whatever when they listen to this stuff.  Maybe a language warning?  Lemme know what you think, cause I'd hate to think I'm blindsiding some of you who are unfamiliar with some of the stuff I post.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Skrillex - Kyoto

I'm sure you guys have heard of Skrillex before, he was a really big deal there for a while.

While he's not as popular now, I do still enjoy a good bit of what I've heard of his music.  This song for instance was one of my favorite songs off of the Bangarang album.  It was really different sounding than the other tracks, but in a good way.

Outside of that I don't really have anything to say about this guy.  I mean realy, all the jokes have been made from saying his name is latin for "homosexual satan wasp" (it's not) to just general jokes about dubstep in general.  Hey though, I'm just here to show you this stuff, so let's give it a listen.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dethklok - Hatredcopter

Dethklok is a band for a show on Adult Swim called Metalocalypse, but that doesn't mean that they aren't any good.  The show is filled with humor that appeals mostly to metalheads, but you normal people might find things to laugh at as well.

This song is pretty funny if you read the lyrics, but all in all it's also a catchy tune.  Once again, mostly just for metal people.

Enjoy your probably first taste of Dethklok!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Beatles - Glass Onion

For all the crap I've said about The Beatles it's not like I can say I don't like them.  I actually do enjoy their music a lot, though by today's standards a lot of it seems predictable and such.  Hey, it's worth a listen though, and this is a song that doesn't get played on the radio so much, so you might not have heard it before.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Sam B - No Room In Hell

You know what's better than a video game soundtrack?  A video game soundtrack that keeps up a running thing.

Dead Island has, for two games now, put out a song by the fictional Sam B.  These songs are in my opinion, som pretty good songs.  There's some added irony in this one though.

Sam B is thought of as a 1 hit wonder and the guest star on this track, one Chamillionaire, is also widely regarded as such.

It's not too bad though, so if you check it out I don't think you'll be wasting your time.  If you have enjoyed my recommendations in the past, this is a good one.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Rammstein - Amerika

How does one get over the amount of 'Murica that was there yesterday?  With some "anti-'Murica" music, that's how.

Rammstein makes no bones in this song about how they dislike the corporate structure of America, but the song is still really enjoyable and catchy.  If you look at the translation they really bash on our capitalism.  I tell ya, what's life without some good old capitalism?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Team America Theme - America, F*ck Yeah! Happy 4th of July Everybody.

On the most American of days I figured I should give you the most American of songs.  This sin't the original music video, but it's really well done and I think it sums up the general idea of the song.

What is the general idea you ask?

"Murica!  That's what!

This is the one day a year that America can act all American with slightly less judgment than usual.  That freedom day and all that.

To get you in the patriotic spirit, here's a picture of Bill Clinton with guns and women.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Rich Mullins - Sing Your Praise To The Lord

Gonna do a throw way back here.  This is music I remember growing up with and I remember always being confused by the intro.  The Hammer Dulcimer has a sound to it that I wasn't sure how to handle.

Still though, this song is straight childhood for me, so don't say anything bad about it, you'll ruin my nostalgia!  haha, or whatever, it's up to you.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hoth - The Rancor

You know what you need in your life?

Star Wars inspired Metal.

If that's what you realized you needed, then please listen to this song.  It's a thing of beauty that can only really be appreciated by those who truly care too much about Star Wars.

You interested?  Well then check out their Bandcamp.  It's got their new release on it plus some merch.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Let's Talk - 7/1/15

Well I kinda blew my biggest new thing with the tattoo post on Tattoo, but there's one thing that's happened to me recently.  Seriously, I'm starting to realize that month to month I really don't do too many things worth mentioning.

I did "Cooking With Alcohol Part 3" recently.

Part 1 was when I made a Rum Ham and I set a small pot of rum on fire.  I did manage to blow that out though.

Part 2 was Rum Ham 2.0, and no fires were set.

Part 3 was cooking with loads of wine.  Like, half a bottle of wine.  I chopped an onion and browned it, then I started cooking it with wine.  While I reduced the wine I made some rice to pour it all on to.  Once I had reduced the wine enough I put more in along with sliced mushrooms.  All of this steamed together for 5 minutes or so till I poured it on top of the rice.  It was actually really nice.

I attended my first leadership meeting yesterday as well, and I even got to vote for the next employee of the month.  I feel quite accomplished on that front.

As for the second job I mentioned last month, I do not have it yet.  Not sure when it'll happen, but it's there.

Song time.

We're gonna mention my band again this month.  We did a cover of the Beastie Boys song Sabotage, but in a Djent inspired style.

I'm really happy with it, especially with the air raid siren.  For whatever reason I'm just really happy with it.

Something to note is that on the last verse I have a couple parts that are doubled, but there is one part that I just get super sloppy sounding in the right way at 3:11.  When I say the word "switch" I don't actually have it doubled, but it sounds like it.