Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Korn - Politics

Band:  Korn (KoЯn)
Song:  Politics
Album:  See You On The Other Side (2005)
Genre:  Nu-Metal
Language:  Strong

I'm in a bit of a winter slump right now, so I figured I'd let loose with a downer of a track from Korn.

Korn is great for a couple things.  Chugging their way through everything, and contributing to thousands of angry emo playlists.  That's not a bad thing though, some of the best songs are on angry emo playlists.

Honestly I really live Korn's music.  It's angry, grinding, filled with angst, and just has an attitude of its own.  Seeing them live was hands down a huge highlight of my concert experiences due to the massive energy they brought to the crowd.  They played most of my favorite songs, but there's still some fun tracks that get ignored by the main community, so here's one of them.  It's a good time, I hope you like it.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

DMX - School Street

Artist:  DMX
Song:  School Street
Album:  The Great Depression (2001)
Genre:  Rap, Hip Hop
Language:  Strong

As I will continue to say every single time I post DMX, the dude is my favorite rapper.

The more I listen to his stuff the more I find about tracks that are just straight up fantastic.  And it's not just his aggressive tracks, I love what he does with his mellow stuff too.  His flow, his subject matter, I just feel like he's got a great grasp of what works.

Unfortunately he can't stay out of prison.  I'm pretty sure right now is parole violation for tax evasion?  I can't remember, but I'm freaking pissed at him for it.  I just want another album, man.

But I still have all his old school hits, that's a solid 6 or 8 albums depending on where you feel the cutoff of good albums from him is.  So that's a couple of days of solid listening, right?  That's what my ride to school is about to be for the next week at least.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

A to Z 2k18: Theme Reveal

Band:  Too Many Zooz
Song;  F.W.S.
Album:  F Note (2014)
Genre:  Brass House

Welcome to the official theme reveal for this year's A to Z!  Finna be lit.

This year I'm gonna do everything I possibly can to highlight lesser known bands.  Albums were a wreck to do since very few people have started an album with the letter X, and I feel like song titles would be an easy way out, so we're gonna continue, like last year, to rock out with band names.

To start with the intro to this wonderful theme I figured I'd hit you with the band you've probably heard, but have no clue who they are, Too Many Zooz.

Take a peek at the above video, I'm sure you'll recognize them pretty quickly as they've made their way around the ol' Facebook newsfeed several times that I know of.

I really loved their sound, but I wasn't at all familiar with what they were playing, or who they were.  After a while though I had a friend link some of their music to me.  He told me their genre was Brass House, and I've had a blast going through different bands that identify with that genre.  Like, my goodness, this is fantastic music.  From what I'm seeing it's all brass instruments with a drummer of some sort.  The music itself seems to draw from whatever genres they feel like.  There's some Punk influence, some Jazz stuff, basically whatever you'd care to hear is in there somewhere.

I feel like because of this, especially since it's a relatively unknown genre, made it a great way to kick off the A to Z season.  I wish all my fellow bloggers luck, see ya tomorrow.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

YG - My N*gga (remix)

Artist:  YG feat. Lil Wayne, Rich Homie Quan, Meek Mill, and Nicki Minaj
Song:  My N*gga (remix)
Album:  My N*gga - Remix (2014)
Genre:  Rap, Hip Hop
Language:  Strong

So I was actually gonna post this on the 16th, but while I was watching the video I noticed a dude holding up a jersey that said March 18th.  I dunno the significance of that, but I figured it was only 2 days away, so let's rock it, eh?

Back when I was a wee baby boy just getting into Rap music, I did what any white dude does.  Go for the most stereotypically "Rap" song he could find.  What's more stereotypical than super ignorant ghetto sounding Rap?  Nothing.

So yeah, I accidentally came across YG, and actual decent name in the Rap community, just cause I enjoyed the title and the "cred" I thought it bought me.  I am not nearly this dumb now for what it's worth.  I still enjoy this type of stuff, but I've got way better taste now outside of just that.  You know, just for what it's worth.

Anyway though, I decided to share the remixed version of this song because Lil Wayne and Nicki manage to drop some fantastic verses on this track.  The original is pretty good, but I feel like this one is a little stronger.

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ghost - Absolution

Band:  Ghost (Ghost B.C.)
Song:  Absolution
Album:  Meliora (2015)
Genre:  Rock

Meliora was hands down Ghost's best album.  Musically I liked some of the tracks on their older stuff a lot, but they finally switched away their lyrics from being all "satan and the satanic satans are totes evil satans".  Like, that's still there and stuff, but it's less in your face like the first two albums.

The music is a lot better too actually.  I really loved a lot of what they had going on with the guitars in this one.  That's probably because the backing band for Ghost has changed several members out since the first album was written, so there's some new creative talent in there.

Either way here's a rather dope track off of Ghost's best album.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

P!nk - God Is A DJ

Artist:  P!nk
Song:  God Is A DJ
Album:  Try This (2003)
Genre:  Pop
Language:  Brief, Strong

So originally I was gonna talk about how great P!nk is as a person from all the stories I've heard.  I was also gonna mention how she's a jaw droppingly fantastic vocalist.


Instead I just have to point out how a wonderful song has a terrible music video.  I feels like it was shot on a handheld camcorder with a flashlight as it's light?  Like, more power to 'em for keeping cost down and all, I just am having issues seeing past that cause I'm a little bit of a elitist piece of trash.  I don't make good videos, but I like to pretend I do.

So yeah, P!nk.  Fantastic person and vocalist, and her new album was bomb.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Young Thug - Relationships

Artist:  Young Thug feat. Future
Song:  Relationships
Album:  Beautiful Thugger Girls (2017)
Genre:  Rap, Hip Hop
Language:  Strong

Shoutout to my boy Lou for turning me onto Young Thug, or at least trying to.

I'm basically a disaster at actually taking half my music recommendations, and Lou told me to listen to this album since June of last year and I didn't take the time to give it a listen till recently.  Sorry man, my bad.

Freaking love this song though, the whole album was really solid, but this is a song that stood out to me for whatever reason.  Just really solid, ya feel?  Take a listen, it's a nifty sound.  Also the video is hilarious, super freaking 90s.

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