Sunday, July 31, 2016

Slipknot - Duality

Band:  Slipknot
Genre:  Nu-Metal

Who doesn't like Slipknot?   Whole lotta people actually with increasing numbers because the frontman, Corey Taylor, keeps doing things to keep himself in the spotlight.  You know, like breaking a fan's phone who was filming in the front row.  Classy Corey, classy.

Hey, his personal opinions aside the music is still kinda fun to listen to and, especially with the old stuff, it just kinda goes crazy at times.  Not this song so much, this is one of their more radio friendly songs.  It's still good though, so I hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Macklemore - Thrift Shop

Artist:  Macklemore
Genre:  Rap

Can you say most overplayed song of 2012?  Yep, that's this one.

I kinda like Macklemore though.  I follow him on Snapchat and he makes me laugh so I decided to share one of the two song of his I know.  I wanted to share the other one, but I already did a while ago so here's the one that made him famous.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Emmure - Solar Flare Homicide

Band:  Emmure
Genre:  Djent
Language:  Strong

I can't remember if I mentioned this when I posted Atilla a while back, but these guys were in an offensive band shirt contest with them.  It was kinda stupid, and I've had the "pleasure" of seeing both bands contributions in person at this point.

This is a fun song though.  It mostly stays within the general joke that Emmure have made themselves to be with the "Oh, they only play 01110011011010000110100101110100, there's no feeling to that kind of music" thing, but that doesn't mean the music isn't still fun.  The lead in to each chorus just revs up perfectly to drag you into whatever is going on here.

I like it, maybe you will to.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Radiohead - Creep

Band:  Radiohead
Genre:  Alternative Rock
Language:  Strong

Yeah yeah, it's like only the most popular song Radiohead has ever put out.  Gimme a break.

A while ago I was listening to this song and I was really vibing it so I decided to just shuffle all of Radiohead's material.  It was a great time too, super chill and whatnot with all the variety the music has.  Most of their albums have rather different sounds to them and I really appreciate that because it keeps things interesting, ya know?

However I tried to replicate that feeling today and I don't know if I was choosing all the wrong songs to start on but I just hated it.  The dude's voice was bugging me, the weird crappy synth sound I sometimes like just sucked, and the vibe I got last time just wouldn't return.

Maybe it's the wrong day, I dunno.  I've got a hit and miss relationship with these guys anyway, so no loss.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Killswitch Engage - Holy Diver

Band:  Killswitch Engage
Genre:  Metalcore

Nothing like some good covers to get you past the middle of the week.  This cover is surprisingly true to Dio's original, which I feel is something worth respecting, yeah?  The singer for this band actually has a good singing voice in addition to having a pretty solid scream as well which really lends to the cover.  If he didn't actually sing it'd kinda just turn it into any other low tier Metal covers that float around.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Title Track Tuesdays: Sabaton - The Art Of War

Band:  Sabaton
Genre:  Power Metal

If there's one band that I'm really happy I discovered it'd have to be Sabaton.  There's a really inspiring power behind what their music that just makes you want to go.  The synth strings, the choir, the generally military patriotic theme, it all works together in a way that just works.

This album is a theme album even more so than their other stuff in the sense that it references Sun Tzu's book "The Art Of War".  The theme pervades throughout with little steps away to readings from the book itself and is usually accompanied with marching sounds as can be heard in the beginning of this track.  I'll rate this as a bang up representation of the direction the album is taking.

I hope you enjoy this song and band, they're some of my favorites.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Soilwork - Rejection Role

Band:  Soilwork
Genre:  Melodic Death Metal

Melo-Death is a really interesting style.  It's got all the harshness of Death Metal with a lot of the smooth groove...  Groovy type stuff.  I swear, I was going somewhere with that, I just don't remember where it was I was taking it to.

Soilwork though.  Tell me another band that pulls off synths in Metal as well as these guys and CoB manage to.  The synth work manages to help fill out the sound in a way that you don't usually catch in music like this.  Don't get me wrong, you can fill out a full sound with just the guitars, drums, and bass but it's a different sound.  The great thing here is that the synths don't take away from the edge that the music has.  It's still hard music, it just has a different flavor.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Korn - Coming Undone

Band:  Korn
Genre:  Nu-Metal

This is the kind of Nu-Metal I was talking about yesterday though.  The song just grinds itself on to the end in a beautifully wonderful fashion in a way that is the main reason I love Nu-Metal.

This is one of the first Korn songs I ever heard and as such it holds a special place in my heart.  Well, kinda at least.  It's really good with all the chugs and simple drum work.  Also the video is totally dope.

Speaking of totally dope Korn released a new video yesterday or so and it's apparently really good.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love

Artist:  Marilyn Manson
Genre:  Nu-Metal, Industrial Metal

Something something catchy cover song.

The video is freaking weird though, the only redeeming factor is that both Chris Evans and Joey Jordison are briefly featured in it.

Song's good though, that dragging sound that a lot of Nu-Metal songs have is nice and strong here.  You know what I mean?  That sound like the song doesn't actually want to be there and it's just along for the ride?  I dunno, it's the vibe I get from the song at least.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Project 86 - Say Goodnight to The Bad Guy

Band:  Project 86 (P86)
Genre:  Post Hardcore

My brother turned me on to P86 several years ago after we heard their song The Spy Hunter in a compilation album for some record label.  He continued to look into these guys while I continued to look into Demon Hunter, but it's all good cause we met back up later to exchange CDs after we were both obsessed.

While I'm writing this I made the mistake of listening a bunch of their other material again and I actually found a bunch of songs that I like more than this one but since they've got crazy solid bass work, but I made my choice already.  No biggie, this song has always been in my top 5 P86 songs anyway, the others just have more fun bass stuff going on.

I hope you enjoy these guys, they've got a rather unique song to them.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lecrae - Can't Do You

Artist:  Lecrae feat. E-40
Genre:  Hip Hop

Here's an actual example of what I like about Lecrae.  I mean, who would have guessed that a Christian rapper would have somebody like E-40 on his song, right?

It's a solid tune though.  The beat isn't too bad, and even though E-40 doesn't do a lot of his usual stuff his verse is still pretty good as well.

Lecrae isn't bad, but in my opinion he's a lot better in other people's music or when he has an outside artist on his track like this.  He's got some talent and there's a couple of his songs that I enjoy a lot, but for the most part he's always going to be the guy that my Christian friends come to me with when I say I like Rap and they're like, "Oh, have you ever heard Lecrae?  He's like, the Christian version of whatever you like!"  But he's not, so...  yeah.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

KB - Church Clap

Artist:  KB feat. Lecrae
Genre:  Hip Hop

First time I heard this song one of my managers was playing it almost every morning at work.  I'm still a little indifferent about Lecrae for the most part, but when he's got good sings I really do tend to enjoy them.  I also just found out that this is a KB song which is something I hadn't realized till now.

I really like the kinda old Nintendo music sound that the beat has to it though, it's a fun retro sound to it that's back up by solid bass.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Title Track Tuesdays: Hollywood Undead - Day Of The Dead

Band:  Hollywood Undead
Genre:  Rap Rock

Let's get this out first, this album was trash.  I really want to like it cause I really like HU's older stuff, but it's so freaking difficult.  The songs have some promise here and there and I do enjoy a couple of the songs, but there are some that are just bad.  You want a crap level reference?  This album was released around the same time as the ICP album I reviewed a while back and there's a track on this album that sounds scarily similar to one on that.

There's a certain appeal to the material, but it really doesn't have the same edge that the older material had.  "Live Forever" is a straight up Pop Punk tune for crying out loud.

This song is ok though I suppose.  It's nowhere near my top 10 HU songs but as far as the album goes it's not terrible.  The video amuses me to death as well, which makes me like the song a little more I suppose.  I would actually love if the whole album followed this track a little closer with some of the other songs going off a bit for variety's sake, it would be a much better album in my opinion.

I'll label this as a decent title track, but not as good as the Behemoth track.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Panic! At The Disco - Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time

Band:  Panic! At The Disco
Genre:  Alternative Rock

I rather enjoy how Brendon Urie sampled from Rock Lobster for the intro, it really lent to the tune.

It's a good tune though, one of my favorites off the new album.  As a really solid album this track managed to stand out by not only using that riff, but also mentioning one of my favorite conversation topics.  Cocaine.

I've got no clue why I talk about Cocaine so much, but I do and it's a problem.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out

Band:  Twenty One Pilots |-/
Genre:  Alternative Hip Hop

I don't know what this logo is supposed to be, like really, it's just kinda weird looking.  Apparently it means Twenty One Pilots in the context of one of their songs, but I'm not about actually figuring out what I have questions about, ya feel me?

So I had a kid ask me yesterday at work if I was happy with what I've achieved in life so far.  After thinking about the fact that I'm about to turn 23 and my big accomplishment is that I am a low tier manager in a fast food restaurant I've gotta say that I'm really not.  I really only enjoy my side job for the most part and music and most of the reason I stay at my main job is because I've got bills and I want to move.

Don't get me wrong, I do like my coworkers a lot and I've got my fun hobbies like this blog, but I'd really love to get something more in my interest range and whatever in my life soon.

Hehe, maybe even make blogging a full time job, that'd be cool.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Five Finger Death Punch - Dot Your Eyes

Band:  Five Finger Death Punch (5FDP) feat. Jamey Jasta
Genre:  Heavy Metal
Language:  Strong

There's a certain appeal to the Metal strain that 5FDP plays because it's big, chuggy, and easy to get into.  There are times that I really don't care for them since the second part of Righteous Side Of Heaven was a little disappointing, but all in all I still like their stuff.

This is one of the tracks I like more off of this album.  "Lift Me Up" is probably my favorite, but this one is more than a little solid as well.

Jamey Jasta is from Hatebreed by the way, so if you liked his verse maybe check them out.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Future - Thought It Was A Drought

Artist:  Future
Genre:  Rap
Language:  Strong
Content:  Strong drug references

I would never have heard Future if it hadn't been for my coworker Luis, but I'm really glad he showed me his stuff.  It's solid, the beats are fantastic, and I don't hate how he sounds so there's not too much bad going for me here.

A lot of people hate how Future sounds because he's got that autotune thing going on but I feel like he does it well enough that it's not terrible.  It sounds good along with the music, and as long as that balance is struck I'd call it good.  The balance can be a little hard though.  I can't think of too many people off the top of my head, but I know there are some.

Good times.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Winds Of Plague - One Foot In The Grave

Band:  Winds Of Plague
Genre:  Deathcore
Language:  Strong

There's a certain appeal to Deathcore that just nothing special.  I'm not sure why, but the predictable chanted choruses and merciless chugging followed by decent breakdowns is just something that I really like.

Don't get me wrong, the vocals actually have to be decent or else it's just generic and annoying.  There's not excuse for generic music and generic vocals.  One or the other I can deal with, but not both.

Winds Of Plague doesn't sound super generic so I can live with it happily.  I dig these guys because they incorporate a certain level of symphonic crap that isn't totally trash.  A lot of bands try to pull sounds like that off and just sound overdone, but while these guys might over do it from time to time it's not always bad.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Zardonic - Pure Power

Artist:  Zardonic
Genre:  Drum and Bass, Dark Electronic, Metal

Here we go again with my favorite electronic artist.  I don't know how you feel about him, but I rather enjoy Zardonic's sound a lot.  It's crazy and Metal without being strictly Metal, and I like that a lot.  It really fits right next to my love of big dumb Dubstep stuff but not in the same way I live BDD.  It's more of a legitimate appreciation, ya know?

I just found out that one of my favorite Dark Synth dudes released his new material recently though, so be prepared for an album review soon.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Title Track Tuesdays: Behemoth - The Satanist

Band:  Behemoth
Genre:  Black Metal, Blackened Death Metal
Content:  Some Blasphemy.  Ya know.

I wasn't originally going to kick off my nre Tuesday idea with something like this, but dude, it's post 666.  I've been waiting for this post to swing around for almost two years and I almost missed it like a putz.

So I'll give a quick run down of the concept here.  I'm going to post a song on Tuesdays that was the title track of an album.  It stands to reason that if you've got a track that you're naming after the album (or vise versa) that it's gonna be really good.  I'm going to judge that.  I will give you my opinion on whether it actually measures up to the hype I've assigned it or not.  It's gonna be a blast.

Ok, Behemoth.

I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but these guys were detained in Russia a few months back for being "too evil".  Like, their Russian tour was canceled due to this and they were detained by the authorities.

So this is their most recent album, The Satanist.  It had a lot of hype going into it because the vocalist, guitarist and primary songwriter of the band, Nergal, was diagnosed with leukemia.  It was really up in the air whether the band would actually continue because of this.  Well he apparently got better, because they're touring again.

So let's compare this track to the rest of the album.  I personally think it represents it quite well.  They didn't try to make in a contemplative track that stands at odds with the rest of the album, they didn't try to make it the intro to the album, they just let it be it's own song.  If you were to pick this song to try and figure out what the album sounds like, it's honestly a good bet.  I can't honestly recommend listening to the band because they're a little iffy, but my personal opinion is that this song represents the album and, just as importantly, conveys the message of the album.

Boom, first TTT done and knocked out.  Enjoy!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Emma Blackery - Sucks To Be You

Artist:  Emma Blackery
Genre:  Pop Punk
Language:  Some

I know I said I wasn't going to do any YouTube music for a little while, but here's some legitimately good stuff.

Emma Blackery is a British YouTuber that I discovered a while ago when my brother showed me this video.  I was immensely amused by this and have been a devoted fan for the last 3 ish years.

A little while ago she started putting some acoustic songs out.  I didn't care for them excessively because I'm not really into that style of music, but this newer stuff is pretty dope.

It's got a bit of a Paramor-type vibe that really sounds like it fell out of the early 2000s, so even though it's new if you were into that era of Rock then this might even feel a little nostalgic for ya.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Skillet - Whispers In The Dark

Band:  Skillet
Genre:  Hard Rock

So I included this song today to show you one clear and possibly annoying thing.  Skillet totally ripped off Iron Maiden with their intro riff.  Remember the song from yesterday?  Yep, it's a very similar guitar part.

I rather like it.  I'm not sure if they did it on purpose like some sort of tribute to Iron Maiden as an influence or something, but this is honestly one of my favorite Skillet songs.  It's got a great groove to it and it's a song that I'd really love to learn.  Maybe I can convince my brother to learn it so we can turn it into some sort of Djent thing.  #Plans

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Iron Maiden - Wasted Years

Band:  Iron Maiden
Genre:  New Wave British Metal, Heavy Metal

I love Iron Maiden so much.  They were one of my favorite bands when I was first getting into my "Oh look, I'm so edgy" phase.  My friend Alan introduced me to them and back then I was all "Nah man, these guys seem a little rough."  He then told me to listen to Insane Clown Posse and if I was still thinking these guys were too much then He couldn't help me.

Luckily for me at the time I never listened to ICP back then, I waited a while before I poluted my musical taste with them.

Maiden though, I always forget how much I really love their stuff.  I really wish I could say their bassist was an inspiration to me and my play style, but he played in a way that was so far above my level back when I first started listening to them that I didn't even pretend I could play his stuff.  Heck, I probably still can't play it, though I might be closer than I was then.

This song is fantastic though, so please enjoy it.

Friday, July 8, 2016

A Day To Remember - Paranoia

Band:  A Day To Remember
Genre:  Metalcore
Language:  Strong

So this is one of the newish singles released from the new A Day To Remember album.  I actually like it a lot, it's a really solid song that gives me some solid hope for the band.

I mean, that guitar part is still kinda a typical progression.  It follows songs that I can't quite remember, but if I ever figure it out I'll try to remember to link it here.  It's the same right down to the vocal part though, which is what really confuses me.

Anyway though, both of the singles off of the new stuff so far have been good, so that's good.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir

Band:  Led Zeppelin
Genre:  Classic Rock

I'll be honest, this is  borderline throwaway post.  I'm so tired that I just can't think of anything better so here's a good throwback.

Everybody freaking loves Led Zeppelin, they were really special in the early rock scene.  Let's be real, everybody kinda thinks way too much of these guys.  I won't deny that they were amazing and fantastic back in the day, but so many of their original songs were covers that people assume are originals.

I dunno.  They're still good, just not as much as people say in my opinion.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Death - Leprosy

Band:  Death
Genre:  Death Metal, American Death Metal

Now if you read yesterday's post and didn't see this coming I really don't know what to tell you.

So we've got Chuck Schuldiner, vocalist and guitarist for the band Death.  He is widely regarded as one of the greatest influences in modern Death Metal, and he's also a pretty solid guitarist.  He's been fantastic throughout his entire career really, but I decided to pick this track to highlight some of his earlier material.  If you listen you can really tell that he's not quite into this whole screaming thing yet.  He doesn't sound too polished and it really helps make the whole image of the song so much better.  It's rough and raw and fantastic.

I know you'll probably hate this, but I like it so here it is.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Grim Reaper - See You In Hell

Band:  Grim Reaper
Genre:  Heavy Metal, New Wave British Heavy Metal

I saw this on Reddit about a week ago and I thought it sounded pretty cool.  I told Jeff about it and I was all, "Hey look, these guys sound like early Death, you might like it."  Well if you follow that link (which heck, it might be tomorrow's post) you'll see that Death sounds nothing like Grim Reaper.  Nothing at all.

Actually when he heard it he said that Grim Reaper sounded like, "that crappy Glam stuff you seem to like for some reason.  A good version, but still kinda crappy."

I can't deny that I'm majorly attracted to kinda crappy music, but still man, that hurts a little bit.  Eh, maybe not.  I can admit that I have poor taste at times, so that makes it all ok.

Hey hey, this sounds really classic though, so please enjoy.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Fall Out Boy - Fourth Of July

Band:  Fall Out Boy (FOB)
Genre:  Alternative Rock

Now I'll say right now that I've never heard this song before last night in my life.  I don't tend to listen to FOB because my sister likes them and, as an older brother, I hate everything she loves.

Still though, this is a freaking perfect time to post it because it's INDEPENDANCE DAY!

I have so many 'Murica jokes I want to break out right now but it'd be really weird since it's really easy to bug people with those.

*Shoots bombs into the air with eagles while digging up oil*

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears

Artist:  Ozzy Osbourne
Genre:  Classic Metal

I've always been a huge fan of Ozzy's stuff with Sabbath, but I honestly don't know too much of his stuff with his solo career.  My Uncle lent me his CD collection once though and it introduced me to a pile of bands.  I got into a lot of bands I love now because of that actually.

I also feel like I say that a lot.  "I never enjoyed this till that one time that..." seems to be a sentence I say rather often.  Ah well.

Great song though, I'm sure you'll enjoy it at least a little bit.  Most intense shampoo commercial you'll ever hear.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

We The Kings - Check Yes, Juliet

Band:  We The Kings
Genre:  Pop Punk

I got turned onto this band by a friend of mine a rather long time ago.  I had totally forgotten them till I found a song on reddit that was some Pop Punk deal.  It was really a disappointing song but it reminded me of this and I got all nostalgic.

Till just now that is.  Apparently, according to a friend of mine, since it's no longer 2007 I'm not allowed to listen to these guys.  More importantly I'm not allowed to get nostalgic.  Ah well, there go half my posts.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Slayer - Repentless

Band:  Slayer
Genre:  Thrash Metal
Language:  Strong

There was a lot of controversy with this album when it came out.  You know, not just the usual controversy with a slayer album but an actually bit of controversy in the music end of things.  You see one of Slayer's founding members, Jeff Hanneman, died a little before this album was put out.
Point of interest, he died of a flesh eating disease ironically, which is possibly the most Metal way he could have died.
He had written one song before he died though, and it was supposed to be included on the last album.  Kerry King decided to axe the track.  A lot of fans thought that was majorly uncool since it's the last track Jeff would ever be a part of in Slayer, but it's too late now for anything to change.

There's a rather large amount of violence in this video by the way.  Blood and such.  Danny Trejo is in here though, so that's cool, right?