Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Chapel - Hellrazors

Band:  Chapel
Genre:  Speed Metal, Black Metal, Black N' Roll
Language:  Some
Themes:  Satan

Here ya go, another band that sings about Satan!  This isn't nearly the same as Ghost though, this is much more Metal.  You may remember way back when Jeff used to post?  Well he posted one of these guys songs then.  If you followed me this long then that's sweet and if not, go ahead and read his post.  He's an amusing fellow with decent music taste, he just doesn't like helping me or being tied down to projects he didn't decide to do.

Anyway, the song is a really fun song.  Think Venom mixed with Motorhead.

On a side note, Cooking With Alcohol pt 4 happened yesterday!  I learned that I don't like bourbon too much, and that I put way too much in my burger.  You see, I tried to make a bourbon burger, and it didn't go too well.  Far too much bourbon.  Maybe I'll get it right next time, eh?

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