A to Z 2016

This list I included the Sunday posts I made because they were all the runner up bands to the letters.  Being a runner up didn't always mean second choice though.  For Die Antwoord I would have rather used them on D because I had a different Dream Theater song in mind that would have been better.  Live and learn though, maybe next time.

A is for Alexi Laiho
B is for Brendon Urie
Runner Up Week 1:  Alestorm
C is for Ceelo
D is for Dream Theater
E is for Eluveiti
F is for Future
G is for Gwar
H is for Hayseed Dixie
Runner Up week 2:  Die Antwoord
I is for Islander
J is for Johnny Cash
K is for KoЯn
L is for Lil' Jon
M is for Motograter
N is for Nachtmahr
Runner Up Week 3:  Ghost B.C.
O is for Outkast
P is for Phil Anselmo
Q is for Queens Of The Stone Age
R is for Ryan Clark
S is for Sex Pistols
T is for Tenacious D
Runner Up Week 4:  TFK
U is for Usher
V is for Vanic
W is for White Zombie
X is for Xzibit
Y is for Young Thug
Z is for Zardonic

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