Thursday, December 31, 2015

Jesse J - Burnin' Up

Artist:  Jesse J feat. 2 Chainz
Genre:  Pop
Language:  Some, Strong

I don't know anything about the actual artist here.  All I know is the 2 Chainz once again shows himself to be one of the greatest lyrical artists of all time.

Wish a Lamborghini had four doors (four doors)
From the corner store to the corridor (corridor)
Me and my homie on the dance floor
White girl in the middle, looking like an Oreo

Yes.  He rhymes "Oreo" in a way that makes him say it "Oreor".

This song is gold just for that.

Happy New Years Eve all.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Motörhead - Ace Of Spades

Band:  Motörhead
Genre:  Speed Metal

One of the great icons of rock died on the 28th.  Lemmy Kilmister, age 70, died from a very aggressive form of cancer.  It's really bumming me out actually, cause even though I didn't listen to the band to often this kinda seems to symbolize the fact that a lot of the old rock legends are gonna be dying soon.

Hey though, if you never listened to their stuff here's their biggest hit.  I'm gonna be running a few of their songs in the coming weeks as a kind of tribute.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Kill The Noise - Kill It 4 The Kids

Artist:  Kill The Noise, AWOLNATION, and R. City
Genre:  Dubstep
Language:  Strong

Hey hey, last in the Dubstep string for a few days at least.  I've enjoyed out little foray into the realm of bass heavy electronic music, but this is a good time to pause.

It's a funny claymation video about capitalism though, so that's fun I suppose.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Knife Party - Centipede

Band:  Knife Party
Genre:  Dubstep

You know, speaking of mindless Dubstep...

For real though, this is just amazing Dubstep noise that is amazing, big, and powerful.  The drop has a good build and when it drops it just kinda makes me want to robot dance.  I don't know how to explain it.

If ya don't like bugs though you'll probably hate the video.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Skrillex - Make It Burn Dem

Artist:  Skrillex feat. Damian Marley
Genre:  Dubstep

I have to admit, I really like Skrillex.  He's the super dumb bass heavy dubstep that I can really get behind usually.  His stuff can be really iffy for me, but I love the stuff that just goes hard and that's it.  I like that.

The stuff he did with Korn may be some of my favorite stuff he's been a part of, but if we're being real there's nothing that quite hits for stupid pump up music like a couple of his songs.

Then there's this song.  I associate this one with weed because it played in a video game while I burned a drug lord's marijuana field with a flamethrower.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Leo Moracchioli - Gin And Juice

Artist:  Leo Moracchioli
Genre:  Metal

Hope everybody and a great Christmas!  I had a really great day off personally.  Slept about 12 hours.  It was nice.

Spent the day with the whole fam, which was nice cause we haven't all been home and awake at the same time for more than maybe an hour in quite a long while.

Dat song tho.

This is a really great cover of Gin and Juice, so I would hope you listen to it.  At the very least try to cath the  chorus, the dude's flow is solid.

Friday, December 25, 2015

The Drifters - White Christmas

Band:  The Drifters
Genre:  R&B, Doo Wop

I don't really care for snow.  Erie has some really crappy weather in the winter that I just don't enjoy dealing with.

For Christmas though I feel like there should be some, ya know?  Because of that, I feel I should share this song with you.  The first time I heard this I was watching The Santa Clause (the first one was the only good one) and I've really just loved it since then.  The original is great, but this one is probably my favorite.

You know what though?  It doesn't matter.  Merry Christmas everybody.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Noize Tank - Cantina Band

Artist:  Noize Tank
Genre:  Electro-Swing

Firstly, I hope everybody is having a great day!  It's freaking Christmas Eve, so ya'll better be excited about it.  I have a really long day going down, but I wouldn't trade it for anything cause I'm basically getting the chance to see all the people I care about seeing in one day, which is sweet.

Outside of that I ended up working a 16 hour day yesterday between my two jobs on only 3.5 hours of sleep.  I want to die.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Eric Calderone - Star Wars Meets Metal

Artist:  Eric Calderone (311Erock)
Genre:  Metal

So yeah.  Who would have thought that an evening showing on a Tuesday would be sold out.  My freaking luck.  I'm honestly really mad about this, cause I was really looking forward to seeing Star Wars last night, but I suppose I'll have to wait till a little later.

On the plus side, I have made the decisions to post Star Wars themed music for the next couple days.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Caravan Palace - Lone Digger

Band:  Caravan Palace
Genre:  Electro-Swing

You know, I bet you don't remember when I posted these guys before.  Electro-Swing is something I really want to get into more, unfortunately I just don't know where to look for it.  Listen to it though, it's a really fun beat with all the stuff you love from old swing music.  Or you might hate old swing and I'm totally lying.  If that's the case, my bad.

The video is pretty cool though.  It's about a wonderful world where cats are greasers, dogs wear suits, alligators are latino thugs, and an ugly moose can be a successful stripper.

Eh, whatever.  I'm seeing the new Star Wars tonight and I'm pretty pumped.  You know.  As a side note.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride And Joy

Artist:  Stevie Ray Vaughan
Genre:  Blues

As I chose this my brother came into the room.  He was all like, "No, you can't pick a guitar hero song!"  I'm sorry, this is the only song by Stevie that I really know.

I heard it on the radio today, then I saw a crappy cover on Facebook, so I know that this is meant to be.  #SorryNotSorry

I like the song though, I mean, there's a reason it's popular.  Or at least as popular as a blues song can get, right?

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Petey Pablo - Show Me the Money

Artist:  Petey Pablo
Genre:  Rap
Language:  Strong

Sometimes I find songs by accident.  This is one of those times.

Honestly I didn't intend to make like, 4 posts about rap in a row.  It just happened like that.  We'll switch it up soon though, fear not.

Check it though, this guy got arrested for trying to smuggle a stolen 9mm onto a plane.  Got 3 years in prison for it.  That's the lesson of this, don't be freaking stupid.

Side note, the crappy weather where I'm at makes me think there's a lot of time for stuff, so you should totally comment if you like how things are going, how your Christmas weeks has been so far, or just a short "Bah, humbug!"

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Kool G. Rap - Poison

Artist:  Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
Genre:  Rap

I actually heard this song as the background music to a guy dancing.  I thought it was maybe an NWA track, cause it really sounded a lot like their sound, but it was this dude.

I'm probably a moron for not knowing who he is, but whacha gonna do.

Friday, December 18, 2015

My Chemical Romance - Dead!

Band:  My Chemical Romance, MCR
Genre:  Punk Rock
Language:  Once, Strong

I love this song.  Straight up love it.

I don't connect to the lyrics, and I'm not even fully sure what the song is about.  Honestly, I just love how the whole thing sounds.  The whole album had some really killer songs on it, but this ones stands out to me cause I actually took the time to listen to it more I suppose.

The whole thing from the mildly crazy sounding intro to the stupid "Na Na"s at the end just are really enjoyable.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Awolnation - Sail

Artist:  Awolnation
Genre:  Electronic Rock

Speaking of songs people like, maybe this will ring true again.

I started posting popular music the other day and I had piles of hits.  I don't want act like I'm selling out, cause I'm still gonna post whatever I feel like, but that was really cool.

Honestly, the only reason I'm posting this is cause I was reminded of it while in a music war with my friend.  You ever have those?  Just trade songs back and forth?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tech N9ne - My World

Artist:  Tech N9ne feat. Brotha Lynch Hung & Dalima
Genre:  Rap

I have thix cd in my car right now, so I thought I would share this song with you.  This is one that I really enjoy.  Not the best on the album, but definitely not the worst.  The verses that other people hop on in this song are solid, the flows are good, and the backing track has a lot of really good things going on.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hozier - Take Me To Church

Artist:  Hozier
Genre:  Pop

This song has a really weird video, but it's been stuck in my head for the last couple weeks so I thought I may as well share.  Kinda like that song the other day.

I don't have much to say today other than "ugh, it's Christmas season", but that's not much to say.  It's just a super busy time of year for me now that I have my second job at the church.  I'm running production for Christmas Eve as well as all Sundays, so that make sit just a little bit of a pain to try and enjoy a social life.  Hey though, it's all fun and I'm getting paid, so I can't really complain.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Sam Smith - Writing's On The Wall

Artist:  Sam Smith
Genre:  Pop

So I think I saw 1 movie in theaters this year.  Just one.  Then in the span of two days I saw two more.

Yesterday I saw Spectre.  I was really freaking pumped about this movie just cause it's the newest installment for James Bond.  Daniel Craig may not be the best Bond, but he's a pretty good one still.

This is the theme song for Spectre, so if you like it and you like Bond movies you might want to check it out, eh?

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Kurt Schneider - All I Want For Christmas

Band:  Kurt Schneider feat. Chase Holfelder
Genre:  Christmas?  I don't know, minor key something or other.  Rock Opera?

Dude.  Minor key versions of major key songs (and vise versa) are the bomb, and this is no exception.

I went to see Krampus last night and I feel like you should go see it.  It's not really a horror movie so much as a...  Family horror movie.  If that makes sense.  It was better than I thought it would be, but it made me think of this song.  A friend of mine shared it on Facebook the other day and it seemed like a good way to follow up the movie.

Without further adieu, enjoy!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Trick Daddy - Gangsta Livin'

Artist:  Trick Daddy
Genre:  Rap
Language:  Strong

I actually found this song by accident.  I was looking for a song my boss was playing the other day and this was one of the first results when I typed in the lyrics I heard.  It wasn't the right song, but it is a song that I like a little bit.

I don't know, it's Rap.  I like it, you probably won't just because I feel like my primary reader base isn't really into this kind of music for the most part.  Eh, I do like it though so we're gonna keep going down that path, amirite?

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Clash - Backrobber

Band: The Clash
Genre:  Punk Rock

Got some nostalgia going on, so here's one of the first Rock bands I got into.

i don't know why this song has been stuck in my head for the last few hours, but I'll take it as a sign that I'm supposed to share it with the world.  Or something like that.

The Clash was one of the main 3 Punk bands back in the day, right up there with The Sex Pistols and Ramones.  If you like their stuff, you might like this as well.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hopsin - No Words

Artist:  Hopsin
Genre:  Rap
Language:  Strong

You know what?  Let's just have a fun joke song here.

This is a song making fun of a pile of different rappers and it's straight up hilarious.  All the guns, girls, drugs, and money make the video perfect too.  Please, even if you never ever watch music videos or never listen to the songs I post watch to this.  This is so amazingly fun and stuff that I can hardly put it into words.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Nine Inch Nails - March Of The Pigs

Band:  Nine Inch Nails (NIN)
Genre:  Industrial Rock
Language:  Brief, Strong

On a bit of an Industrial kick this week so far this week, so here's some Nine Inch Nails to liven up the party.

This song has some really funky beats going on in the beginning were it changes from like, 7/8 to 8/8 and back again just because it makes it sound a little weird and fun.  Then there's the cool piano breakdown that happens.  That's also a fun deviation from the sound of the main song.  All in all this song is really well put together and you might like it, so check it out, eh?

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Marilyn Manson - Four Rusted Horses

Artist:  Marilyn Manson
Genre:  Alternative Metal

This is a track off of a singularly disappointing album.  I don't know where he went wrong, but it was really acoustic heavy and the bass sounded way too fuzzy.  He usually has really top notch people playing with him so I feel like this was his weird experimental album that sounds nothing like his usual material.

On another note, I had never heard this song for the longest time, but some of my friends talked about it like it was his biggest single ever.  Honestly, this song isn't enough like most of his stuff to make me think of it as one of his defining singles.  Not sure where they got their information about this.

I see it was used as the theme song of the game F.E.A.R. 3, so maybe they commissioned it like this?

Monday, December 7, 2015

Let's Talk: 12-7-15 (Kanye West - The Good Life)

Hey guys, how ya doing?

I would have had this live at midnight, but I had something happen which I will explain further down the post.

This last week has been a pretty intense thing for me.  A couple weeks ago I officially picked up my second job as Producer for First Alliance Church.  Basically what I do is I make the Sunday services as nice sounding and looking as I can.  I'll tell the band what needs detail work, I'll tell the tech team what sounds off, and I do what I can do dodge actually talking to people who have complaints.

It's actually loads of fun and I even get paid, but with the thing I do at EYA in addition to picking up new responsibilities at work and this second job I'm just a little overwhelmed.

Case in point, I slept from 3pm Sunday until 3am today.  I feel fantastic.

Band:  Kanye West feat. T-Pain
Genre:  Hip Hop, Rap

I picked this because I suppose the reason I'm doing so much stuff right now is because I just want to have the freedom of funds to be able to do whatever I feel like.  Granted, working in fast food and part time at a church will not grant me the funds that I personally would like to have at my disposal, but it does give me enough to let me do fun things, and that's what counts.

Yes, I get that's not really the point of the song, but I decided to go from that angle.  Sue me.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cage The Elephant - Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

Band:  Cage The Elephant
Genre:  Alternative

I didn't get home till 10:30 last night, so I didn't get to write the post I had planned for.  I will post it tomorrow though, so no fears.

Unfortunately I had to do the half-assed post thing I've been doing recently, which really annoys me.  I hate cutting corners like this, but I'm so tired I can barely walk straight.

Tomorrow.  I promise.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Metallica - King Nothing

Band:  Metallica
Genre:  Metal

Firstly, I love that picture.

Secondly, here's the post.

I only recently have managed to get out of my "I hate Metallica" stage I fell into a while ago.  Yeah, they may be overrated, but they are still pretty good and really, that's what matters.

I'll actually have that explanation post up eventually.  Probably on Sunday.

Friday, December 4, 2015

The Black Keys - Howlin' For You

Band:  The Black Keys
Genre:  Alternative Rock, Garage Rock, Indie Rock, something like that.  I don't know.

At band practice on Wednesday a friend of mine made mention of The Black Keys, which reminded me that I actually kinda enjoyed the songs of theirs that I've heard.

This is one you've probably already heard, but I'm still gonna make you listen to it now cause I feel like it.  Enjoy!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Alice In Chains - Them Bones

Band:  Alice In Chains
Genre:  Alternative, Hard Rock

I'm really tired, so I'm gonna go with one of my favorite songs as a backup.  It's a really good song from a really good band that you should appreciate, right?

I apologize for what some of the post this week are gonna be like, I'm dead tired and have very little free time.  Tomorrow (aka today) I'll have something more like an hour or more of free time, so I'll have a better post prepped for you all.

I'll also explain why I'm stupid tired and busy.

Also this is post 444.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

King Diamond - No Presents For Christmas

Artist:  King Diamond
Genre:  Metal

I totally forgot that this song existed until I tried to make a decent Christmas playlist for work today.  Turns out Spotify can access the music that's on my computer and when I searched for Christmas this song came right up to the top.

It's a wonderful mis-match of the season, so I thought it might be a good way to start it out, eh?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Karmin - No Flex Zone

Artist:  Karmin and Watsky
Genre:  Rap

Watsky is somebody I got introduced to a while ago by a friend of mine, but I never really listened to him.  He's a really good rapper, I just never got around to looking into his stuff.

Karmin on the other hand, is another person I haven't listened to before.  Honestly, the only reason I didn't listen to them is because they're a YouTube cover artist.  I try to avoid them in general because I had a friend fangirl about one of them a while ago and, no matter how good they are, I just can't get into them now.

I might have to make an exception here though, cause this is a good remix of the original song.

Late edit by like 7 days, but that line "Coming out late like Dre with Detox"?  That's good.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Adele - Hello

Artist:  Adele
Genre:  Pop

I am of the firm opinion that Adele can't just keep up with her current career path.  She releases a song, everybody freaks out.  The album comes out and everybody loves it.  Then she vanishes for a year or two.  You hear nothing from her in that time.  Then BOOM!  New song.

The cycle continues.

I wouldn't even post this song, but it's just the chorus is striking a chord with me tonight for no good reason.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sabaton - Carolus Rex

Band:  Sabaton
Genre:  Power Metal

This is currently my favorite song.  I'm not really sure why I'm attracted to music that I can't understand the lyrics of, but I am.  There's something about the European and Scandinavian languages that I really like.  I feel it adds to the majesty of the music.  Eh, whatever the reason it's a really good song.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Stone Sour - Inhale

Band:  Stone Sour
Genre:  Metal

This is what I had been planning on posting yesterday, but I like the pun we were able to work in just a little better.

Love this song though, it's one of my favorite Stone Sour songs that I think they've ever put out.  I'm not sure why, it's just a really good song.

I apologize for the clearly crap post, I'm just a little wiped out after a really long shift today.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Carach Angren - Bitte Tötet Mich

Band:  Carach Angren
Genre:  Black Metal
Language:  Strong
Themes:  Suicide

So I'm sure you noticed that I'm generally really bad at remembering to include holidays in my posts.  I would apologize, but I don't think there's a such thing as Thanksgiving music, so we're gonna call this a free pass.

I was gonna post a different song, but then Jeff came in and said, "You're listening to that?  Come on, Black Metal Friday man."  I'm actually really annoyed at myself that I didn't think of that.

Hey though, it's like, the only Black Metal band I'm really familiar with.  Hooray.

Someday I'll listen to the genre enough to get one or two different artists in here.  Seriously though, Symphonic Black Metal is so much better in general than regular Black Metal.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hypocrisy - Fearless

Band:  Hypocrisy
Genre:  Melodic Death Metal

These guys got recommended to me because they sounded like another band that I like a lot.  I use this app called Last.FM to track my song plays, and in return it gives me lots of fun statistics and some band recommendations that are ok.

Hypocrisy is a MeloDeath band though, and is different from both Children Of Bodom and Soilwork.  That's something I like a lot about the genre, there's a lot of different things going down.

I'm not sure what about them I like so much, they're just really good.  They've got a really nice flow going on.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Neon Trees - Animal

Band:  Neon Trees
Genre:  Pop Rock, Alt Rock

I remember hearing this song a lot a few years ago.  On of the college stations nearby played the song a lot, and since my dad liked it I also heard it at home a lot.

Apparently Ganon's radio is a big deal or something.  Like, I hear it's online and listened to all over the country?  It's really weird to hear that, not gonna lie.  Who would have thought that something from Erie would ever be a big deal, ya know?  Well you might not know, but Erie isn't an amazing place.  Not bad, but not great either.

Till the city turned to crap we used to be known as Gem City.  Fun fact.

Back to the music though.  It's a really catchy song though and even though I forgot it existed I do like it a lot.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lindemann - Skills In Pills

Band:  Lindemann
Genre:  Industrial Metal
Language:  Brief, Strong
Themes:  Lots of drugs.  The song is literally called Skills In Pills.

So while I was waiting for this album to come out, I also totally forgot to look into it happening.  Hey now, nobody said I was always on top of things.  This is an album I really want to take the time to review, but so that I don't forget I'm gonna share this with you now.

This is an album I've heard is really messed up.  Thing is though, this is an album that Till Lindemann sings in English.  A lot of people don't realize that most of his songs were like this; they just were in German before and they couldn't understand them.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Five Finger Death Punch - Wash It All Away

Band:  Five Finger Death Punch (5FDP)
Genre:  Heavy Metal
Language:  Brief, Strong

Screw this band.  They have made it so hard to actually find their songs on YouTube.  Their copyright is so freaking tight that people can't even upload the songs most of the time.  On top of that they don't allow YouTube to stream their album.  Like seriously, this sin't the song I actually wanted to post.  It isn't even the second song I wanted to post.

I can listen to their stuff on Spotify, but not YouTube.  That's just weird.  Not a great move guys, but you do you.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Judas Priest - Living After Midnight

Band:  Judas Priest
Genre:  Power Metal

I feel like it's one of those unwritten laws that if you like Metal you have to like certain bands.  I was never really good at that, but Judas Priest isn't too bad.  I don't know much beyond what their radio songs were, but I've got plans to fix that soonish.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Wednesday 13 - I Walked With A Zombie

Artist:  Wednesday 13
Genre:  Horror Punk

Turns out this guy has been in a lot of bands.  I'm not sure how to feel about his stuff cause it sounds like he's being Punk Rock Manson, but it's hella catchy so I kinda like it.

For the most part I think I like his stuff with Murderdolls more than his solo, and I'm not really a fan of his country band Bourbon Crow.  Still though, he's clearly got a decent skill set, so props to him.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Within Temptation - And We Run

Band:  Within Temptation feat. Xzibit
Genre:  Symphonic Metal
Language:  Brief, Strong

So I'm sitting and listening to music, right?  While I am sitting and doing something that I do on a daily basis I decide to make a playlist of Power, Melodic Death, and Symphonic Metal.  Ya know, just cause.

I go to Nightwish's Spotify page and see an album that is them, Within Temptation, and Epica.  While scrolling past it to more familiar songs I see the name Xzibit.  I assumed it was something like what happened on Ghost B.C.'s page where they accidentally go credited with writing a Wu-Tang album, but no.  No no no no no.  It was actually Xzibit on a Symphonic Metal song.

The best part?  It's not terrible.  I actually would love to hear them do more like this or more of the style from another band.

Nuclear Blast again for those of you following with me.

Oh, and just in case you didn't believe me about the Ghost thing, here's my proof.  Search it, it's down near their first release and only got added fairly recently.  Recently meaning like, in the last couple months.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ice Nine Kills - Someone Like You

Band:  Ice Nine Kills
Genre:  Metalcore

I still love cover songs way more than I should.

My manager went to school with somebody who was either dating a member of the band or was related, so she found out about these guys from them.  One day she played this song for me and it basically topped my list of favorite cover songs for at least 4 or 5 months.  I'm really surprised that I haven't posted them yet actually...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fetty Wap - 679

Artist:  Fetty Wap feat. Remy Boyz
Genre:  Hip Hop, R&B

You may remember our good friend Fetty from the Lil Dicky song I posted a few days ago.  I started listening to him a little more a bit ago and recently I've just kinda begun to like him more and more.  His stuff is catchy and for stuff that's really popular it's actually pretty good.

2 things that I know you're gonna wonder about though.

1.  His lost left eye (the closed one) to glaucoma.

2.  1738 represents Remy Martin 1738 Cognac, which is what his group Remy Boyz got their name from.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Soilwork - Stabbing The Drama

Band:  Soilwork
Genre:  Melodic Death Metal

Yeah yeah, I'm drifting into my old trends.  Listen, I'm stuck on MeloDeath right now so you can momentarily put up with it.  It's just today and it's all because I picked up the new Bodom album.

I'm not too familiar with Soilwork's material to be honest, they're kinda more my brother's style of music as a rule.  I do really like them when I listen to them though, and this would be one of my favorite songs of theirs.  I need to be careful about saying that though, since every time I do I listen to some more of their stuff and I get obsessed about a different song.  Ah well.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Murderdolls - Nowhere

Band:  Murderdolls
Genre:  Horror Punk

I feel all emo just adding the picture up top.  I mean for real, it's really terrible looking.

I looked at them only because Joey Jordison of Slipknot is in the group.  It's a bit of a side project he made when he was still with them and it's more than a little bit of a different sound.

The core memebers of the group are Joey and a dude called Wednesday 13.  I don't know what Mr 13's deal is, but I'll look into it and get back to you.  He's the guy in the hat on the right, I'm anticipating stuff that sounds like Manson or something like that, but we'll see.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Children Of Bodom - Needled 24/7

Band:  Children of Bodom (CoB)
Genre:  Melodic Death Metal
Language:  Strong

This is one of my favorite songs.  Period.

I don't know what it is about this band, but any of their fast songs are way near the top of my favorite songs list.

If you happen to want to, make sure to check out the live version.  The front man Alexi manages to keep up with both the vocals and playing, even though he's a bit drunk.  Apparently all of their shows are like this.

Still though, good music right here.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town

Band:  Thin Lizzy
Genre:  Classic Rock

Hey hey, some good old classic music, amirite?

I'll admit, it's been rough trying to actually stick to a regular schedule of keeping it random.  I'm really trying to not get stuck in a rut again and I feel like I've done a decent job of it so far.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Love And Death - Watching The Bottom Fall

Band:  Love And Death
Genre:  Nu-Metal

Here we have some more modern Nu-Metal that is very much of the Korn variety since the band is lead by then former, now current Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch.

The band is really solid though, if you like this song you'll probably enjoy the rest of the album.  It's not as religiously preachy sounding as Head's first album was, so if you listened to that and had issues in that way you don't need to worry.