Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California

Any time I hear the song Californication I think it's gonna launch into this song.  Every single time.

This is a really good song though, which should be obvious since it's one of their most recognized songs.  Hey, what can I say, I like their hits.

So the bassist for Red Hot Chili Peppers is named Flea, and he is amazing to watch.  Seriously, check out a live video or a music video, you'll see what I mean.  Look at this man, he clearly has nothing left to lose now that his tooth is missing.  He also has fantastically colored hair.

Or ya know, maybe he does have more to lose...  Of course I'm talking about the loss of blue hair, ya know.  Not the loss of clothes.

Also, #PoorBlogFormating

Other than that, I don't have too much to say, ya know?  They put out some really catchy music that is popular for a reason.  If you've never heard their stuff I strongly advise you give them a listen, it's well worth the 3 minutes to hear what they do.

I used to own their album Californication, and some songs off of the others, but I don't know what happened to that.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Album Spotlight: Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water

New blog feature, the Album Spotlight!  This is basically an album review, but for older releases that I missed originally, wasn't born yet, or that I just didn't have a blog at the time.

Yeah, I know, Limp Bizkit sucks.  You know what though, I don't care.  This album is really good in a lot of ways, from general musicianship, to the production quality, even down to the novelty factor.

Let's start out with the guests on the album.  We've got the remix of Rollin' that's subtitled "Urban Assault Vehicle" featuring DMX, Redman, and Method Man.  When I first heard this song I flat out hated it because of the way it's slower than the usual Rollin'.  This wouldn't be an issue, but rather than retake any of Durst's lines, they just slowed them down to match what they needed which sounds really bad in a couple areas.  If you listen all the way through though you'll see that it's a great song.  The flow that the 3 rappers have is fantastic and 100% worth listening to the track for.

The other guest is Xzibit on the track Getcha Groove On.  It's a very different sound from the rest of the album and very worth hearing just for Xzibit.  I'm not familiar with his usual material yet, but he fits in this song like a glove.

Standout track wise it's got a couple really good ones.  I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the song Hot Dog since it has the dubious honor of saying f*ck a total of 48 times over the course of it's play time.  It also lifted it choruses from a couple Nine Inch Nails songs, which is actually really cool.

Also you've gotta hit up the regular stuff like the singles My Way, My Generation, and Rollin'.  There may have been some others, but I'm not familiar with the popularity of anything but these two.  Both are good and catchy, but there's still other tacks that are as good or better.

Full Nelson reminds me of a Rage Against The Machine type song.  Not too much actually sounds like it, but near the end when he mentions building an empire and some of the intro guitar stuff seems a bit like it.

Livin' It Up is a driving song that is a bad song to listen to while driving because it talks about living life in the fast lane.  Maybe you aren't like me, but if a song talks about going fast I tend to drive faster.  Unfortunate face about what I do I suppose.

I straight up love the bass line in The One.  It's constant 16ths in the beginning sound really tight, and in general it's a generally enjoyable sound.  It's smooth, it's got nice musical harmonies going on, and more importantly it's clean so I can put it on my work playlist.

Hold On sounds a lot like an Alice In Chains song, so I automatically like it a lot.  The vocals are doing things that I didn't think Fred Durst was actually capable of, aka sounding good.  Seriously, give it a listen and tell me that it's not really nice.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Van Halen - Tattoo

As I'm sure all of you (or most of you) remember, about 3 years ago Van Halen released their first album in 14 years, and the first album with their original singer David Lee Roth in 28 years.  It was kinda a big deal, and almost everybody agreed that they really just shouldn't have put out anything since their time in the spotlight had come and they should step aside for newer groups.

Of course I'm sure there were a few people who applauded the return of "real" music, but we're not talking about that.

Still though, I recently got my first tattoo and it made me think of this song.  What better way to say "Hey look, I got a tattoo!" than by pairing it with a reasonably catchy song!

Hope you enjoy "old" Van Halen, so to speak.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cake - The Distance

Well as an update on last night.

I made sliced onions and mushrooms cooked in red wine.  Then I put it on rice.

It looked like crap and tasted so freaking good it's not even funny.

On a side note, here's today's song.  It's a rather catchy piece with a really fun bass line that I keep meaning to learn.  I like it a lot though, and I figured you'd all enjoy the break from all things Rap and Metal we've had recently.

How's the break working for you all by the way?  I've been trying to venture out to some of the other music areas that I don't listen to as often so you can get a better mix from a single source.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Brad Paisley - Alcohol

There are very very very few country artists that I actually like and Mr. Paisley is one of them.

This song came to mind because I've really had a crappy last month or so, so I decided that since my day off is tomorrow I'd do something fun.

The thing that is fun is Cooking With Alcohol pt 2.

Part 1 was when I made a Rum Ham and I set a small pot of rum on fire.  Today I'm just using wine, so there's much less chance of freak fire.  I'll let you know how it pans out tomorrow.

(Note, this was written Thursday evening, so "tomorrow" is actually today and so forth.)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dave Matthews - Gravedigger

I don't remember how I found out about this song, but I like it a lot.  There's a lot off emotion in the song, and musically it's just really tight and well done.

I'm really tired, so I don't have too much else to say, apologies.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Disturbed - The Vengeful One

Oh hai Disturbed, it's been a while.  Since October of 2011 actually.

Officially announced yesterday, Disturbed has ended their indefinite hiatus with the announcement of an album in August and they're resuming touring.  Kinda a big deal, right?  Well, at least if you're into that stuff.

Enjoy though, it's a decent song.  If you like Disturbed, this song is good.

The video is actually kinda cool cause it looks half animated, half live action.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Big Tank - I'm A Bad Ass

This song is the theme for a movie called Bad Ass.  It's a movie starring Danny Trejo that opens on him beating up some rude skinheads on bus, getting filmed, and becoming the local sensation known as "Bad Ass".  It's a surprisingly good movie actually, so I'd recommend you check it out.

This song popped up from time to time though and I enjoyed it enough to tell you all about it.  Or at least the movie.  Eh, either way, here it is.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Flyleaf - I'm So Sick

I absolutely love old Flyleaf because of Lacey's voice.  That banshie scream she has is one of my favorite things I've ever heard.  I'm really saddened that she's not in Flyleaf anymore cause the replacement singer can't quite manage to hit the same stuff.

That's not the point though, cause this is the song with my favorite example of the banshie scream.  Listen to it cause it's freaking awesome.  From the intro to the end the dynamics are fantastic and all in all highly enjoyable.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Deuce - Nobody Likes Me

I mentioned some stuff about this guy back in December some time, but rather than look back and make sure I'm not repeating myself I'm just gonna mention the stuff that I want to.

After getting kicked from Hollywood Undead Deuce went a little weird.  To be fair, his former band mates took credit for a lot of the work that he did and that's gonna bug anybody.  Still though, I'm sure you wouldn't go out and write a song titled "Nobody Likes Me" to get over it.  It's a really whiney sounding and makes him seem like a teenager.  Hey, whatever works for him though.

I'm actually really disappointed that he hasn't put out any new material though since 2012.  I love his sound and I'd like to check out more stuff from him.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Capital Lights - Let The Little Lady Talk

The first time I heard this band it was when a friend of mine who is a huge metal fan gave me a pile of music.  We went through band by band for a little bit, but then he accidentally deselected all the stuff in iTunes (we were too dumb to just put it all in a playlist to copy later) so he asked me if I minded if he just gave me a pile of music.  I told him that I didn't care, just so long as he thought I'd like it.

Well he gives me Impending Doom, Demon Hunter, and a pile of other similarly angry sounding bands, so I assumed these guys would be the same.


Here we just have some fun pop rock.  But you know what?  It's all good, cause I like it a lot.

Next time I post these guys I'll tell you another story.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Mumford and Sons - Broken Crown

I got to do some work in the office on Wednesday at work and my boss had this song pop up on his Pandora.  I liked it, and I thought I would share it with you.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sun O))) - Aghartha

Some music is best appreciated live and Sunn O)))'s giant pulsing sound is a wonderful example of that.

If you just want to sit and listen to some massive sounding repetitive music, then it still works on a cd, but from all accounts they are so loud when live you don't hear the music anymore,  you just feel it.  You stand there and you basically get vaporized by a wall of sound.

Seeing Sunn O))) live is really high on my bucket list now, so if you happen to have a ticket I can have for free, I'll take that off your hands.

Listen to this song, blast it, enjoy it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Powerwolf - Saturday Satan

I'm just gonna leave this here today.  Please look at the lyrics, just to see how ridiculous this is.

You may recall Powerwolf.  They're "evil Sabaton".  If you're into Power Metal you'll probably like these guys.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Matoma - Old Thing Back

Kinda like with Sugar, this was a song recommended by my boss.  Unlike Sugar, this is a song that I freaking love.  It's so catchy, and I really enjoy listening to Biggie.  It's just a feel good, makes me happy song that I never want to stop hearing.  Well, at least for now.

Give it a listen, though be warned that there's stuff.  You know, cause rap.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Jimi Hendrix - Castles Made Of Sand

You know what we need now?  Some freaking classy music.

I always post the noise that I listen to, but here's some stuff I don't get to listen to as often that's still freaking fantastic.

I really love a lot of what Hendrix did, and even though this song is one of the ones you're more likely to have heard, I'm still posting this cause it's one of my favorites.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

AC/DC - Highway To Hell

So you all know AC/DC, so I'm just gonna share a story about this song.

One day at work two of my managers were talking and the one said that her husband had had to drive 100 miles for a catering job the week before.  The other manager answered "Well that's one hell of a drive!"

Now here at Chick-fil-a we don't swear.  We do our best to enforce these rules and all that and as such managers are held to a very high regard.  Still though, that wasn't really a horrible thing to say.

One of the employees overheard though and since 1. they kinda had it out for the one manager and 2. were super religious and pretty sensitive to stuff like that, so they complained.  The manager had to talk with the owner and promise to not do that again.

Fast forward 3 days.

I'm listening to MY pandora account.  My personal account.

Highway To Hell is a song that I have liked on my one station cause I like it a lot and it helps seed for a lot of good songs, ya know?  Anyway a manager comes by who's friends with the dude that got in trouble and hear the song.  He comes over and dislike's the song so it never comes back on while saying "If we can't say this word we definitely can't sing it here!"  He was being sarcastic, but it still really bugs me since he messed with my station.  We'd been playing that song for a while, it was just cause somebody hd their feelings hurt that we had to stop, and that's real bs.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Driftless Pony Club - House Of 1982, Built Like A Ship

Anybody here a Beard Lover?  Wheezy Waiter is hilarious, is he not?

If you don't know him, this isn't gonna be as cool for ya but this is his band, Driftless Pony Club.  They just did a tour recently and I almost saw them.  Not that that's anything special, but it still almost happened.

If you're familiar with The Fine Brothers you might recognize this as the theme song from their swoh MyMusic.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Jim Bianco - That's What She Said

So I know I'm putting this out a little late, but I forgot to write a post yesterday afternoon before I took a nap.  You see, I work at 6am today, but I was told that there was no way I was getting out of seeing Jurassic World's midnight showing.  Sorry for the fact that this is late, but I don't even care cause that movie was fan-freaking-tastic.  I feel like it stayed true enough to the original series and, despite a slightly cheesy ending, was very well done.

Just cause this is the only inspiration my sleep deprived self has, here's a video I found ages ago when a friend and I just searched "That's What She Said Song".

Warning:  Childish humor ahead.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Steam Powered Giraffe - Brass Goggles

If you've never heard seen Steam Powered Giraffe before, do yourselves a favor and watch this video.  These are three guys who are trained mimes who dress up as animatronics, and their show is fantastic.  Just watch the way they jerk around as they play, it's a little unreal.

The song itself is catchy, their gimmick is great, and you should totally listen to and love this band.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud

Every now and then I ask somebody at work for a song suggestion.  I'm sure they think I'm just being weird, but whatever song they say is a song I post.  Usually this doesn't go poorly.  You probably haven't even noticed it slipped in so smooth.  This one though, this is different.

I don't mind Ed Sheeran,  I think he's got a good voice and I think he's good at what he does, I just don't happen to care for it too much.

You know what though?  This guy's making a career out of music, he's doing well, and people love him.  That's a pretty sick deal if you ask me.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stone Sour - Through Glass

Those of you who've followed me for a while, or at least since halfway through the A to Z might remember Stone Sour.  They are the band with Corey Taylor and Jim Root of Slipknot, and that the follow a generally angry, but versatile style.

This song comes off of an absolutely fantastic album called Come What(ever) May.  I like it a lot, it's got a gigantic amount of killer songs on it and if you're a fan of Hard Rock or Metal I'd strongly advise you check it out.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Impending Doom - Death Will Reign

I'm gonna try to post more songs that a lot of people like this week, but this one has been stuck in my head for the last 3 days and I figure this is one of the only ways to get it out.

Stuff like this is what helps me get through really long/tough weeks.  The last 2 weeks combined I worked 101.3 hours and not gonna lie, I'm hurting from it.  Impending Doom, Lamb Of God, and Tech N9ne are what get me through the day though, and if you're into this kind of music then here's a wonderfully crushing song to kill each work day to.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Jeremy Riddle - Breaking Through

Hey, some more church music on a Sunday!  I feel like if I'm gonna post one like this it's usually Sunday, but whatever.

This is another fun song to play, which is the only reason I post a lot of these to be honest, though I haven't got to play it in a while.  It's kinda fun though.

Honestly, I really don't like this guys voice too much.  The guy the sang for us, Caleb Ashton, did a fantastic job.  I freaking love his voice.  If you aren't familiar with who he is, check out the Oh Holy Night video from December.

Yeah, that really doesn't have too much to do with the song at hand, but it's what I associate this song with.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saliva - Click Click Boom

So after actually thinking about it when I wasn't too tired I managed to find the song I always confuse that P.O.D. song with.

It's not too similar, except for the part where he says boom.

Actually it sounds a lot like Limp Bizkit, which makes sense I suppose since they're both Nu-Metal bands.  actually parts of this are a bit like the song Nookie.

Friday, June 5, 2015

P.O.D. - Boom

Not really a huge fan of P.O.D. in general, but this is a song that I really do like just a little bit.

It's got a lot of energy and it's got a catchy beat.  An all around great pump up song.

I always confuse this with some song by Saliva.  I'm can't remember which one right now though, so I'll get back to you on that.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Eluveitie - Thousandfold

You know what's great about Folk Metal?  I listen to so little of it I can constantly find new and amazing bands.  Granted, a lot of people who are into this stuff already know about these guys, but that's not important.

Here's a challenge, right now.  Find me another Metal band that uses a Hurdy Gurdy.  Please.  I'm not joking, if you find one I'd be really happy.

You've got a killer selection of instruments in this video.  Your typical Metal stuff, plus a Violin and the aforementioned Hurdy Gurdy.  Please, with all of my blessings, enjoy this video.

On a side note...  Nuclear Blast Records.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Guns 'N Rose - Mr. Brownstone

This song is basically GnR saying "Hey look, Slash can play stuff!"  Slash can play scales like nobodies business, and this song is no exception.  The solo, the main hook, it's all stuff that I really freaking love the sound of cause it's just so smooth.

On a side note, this song is one of many songs that I'm adding to my Heroin playlist along with Spoonman by Soundgarden, and half of Alice In Chain's discography.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cage The Elephant - In One Ear

I have issues hearing words some days, but nothing was ever as bad as trying to understand a co-worker when they said Cage The Elephant.

She played a lot of Alternative music, hence these guys popped up from time to time.  I always liked how they sounded though so I asked who it was.  Yeah, I never heard her right.  At least 5 times she told me and I never heard.

I finally figured it out though, so here's an absolutely wonderful song about disregarding authority.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Let's Talk 6-1-15

Well it's been a while since I did a "normal" type blog post.  April got taken over by the A to Z, and for May I just kinda did that Reflections post so I've not had a chance to just say things at all.

For those of you not interested in my yaking, the song is down at the bottom.

So in the last few months not too many things have happened.  The last 2 weeks though are a different matter.

Firstly, I got promoted!  This is something I've been hoping to have happen for about a year now, and it finally happened.  I'm a Team Coordinator and it's my job to make sure the kitchen doesn't fall apart while I'm on shift.  For the most part my responsibilities are the same as what I have now, but I have actual authority to make people do what I say.  On top of that I'm the only kitchen trainer, so this week for example I'm only on shift Monday and Tuesday cause I'm training Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Secondly, this only happened Saturday afternoon, but I got offered a job at a place I frequent.  I have an interview this evening.  I'm really excited about this, cause it's a low stress second job that I can pick up that focuses on all things that I love.  Music and Video Games.

I mean, that's most of the stuff I have to say, ya know?  I've had a weird couple months here and I've honestly been really unhappy with how things have been going, but the last couple weeks I've been working a lot (last week I managed 51 hours and 35 minutes).  I really love doing that, and I feel like this second job is the way to get enough money to move into my own place soon.


This is a fun song today.  It's Boston's song More Than A Feeling, but digitally altered to make it in a minor key.  Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Less Than A Feeling.