Saturday, July 11, 2015

System Of A Down - B.Y.O.B.

So on one hand these guys are classed as Nu-Metal, but I'm not sure that's where they belong.  A lot of people place them there simple because that's the era in which they originated, but they are far closer to Prog.  According to Wiki they are Avant-Garde Metal, and that seems to fit a lot more to me.

They've got this fantastic thing they do were they seem to switch up styles in the middle of a verse.  This isn't really what I'm trying to say, but I'm not really sure how to explain what I mean.  Their song Chop Suey probably explains it the best, but there are moments like what I mean in this song as well.

One warning though is that this is a very opinion charged band.  Politics are a primary theme due to the singer Serj Tankian Armenian ancestry.  One neat note though is that Serj "was awarded the Armenian Prime Minister's Medal for his contributions to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the advancement of music." in 2011 according to Wikipedia.

I'm beginning to think I need some sort of early warning system for people to know whether they need headphones or whatever when they listen to this stuff.  Maybe a language warning?  Lemme know what you think, cause I'd hate to think I'm blindsiding some of you who are unfamiliar with some of the stuff I post.

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