Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mogwai - May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door

I started reading a webcomic recently titled Questionable Content (it's really good, don't let the name scare you fro whatever reason) in which the main character is a dude who's super into indie music.  I don't remember what most of the bands they talk about are, but on a poster in the background was the name Mogwai.  I remembered hearing that name somewhere, so I decided to look them.

Low and behold I found a really good sounding band that functions great as background music!

I'm only gonna like to this one song picked at random, but the rest of the album it's from is very enjoyable.  Very laid back and cool.

So even though nobody actually answered I've gone ahead and decided to implement some sort of early warning system so you don't have to worry about what the music I'm about to show you is.  Probably a sort of genre/style bio up at the top under the picture.

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