Friday, October 31, 2014

Guest Post: Chapel - Alcoholocaust

Chapel are a Black n' Roll band from Vancouver Canada, whose sound can best be summed up as a combination of Venom and Motorhead. They formed in 2008 and released their first full-length album, titled "Satan's Rock 'n Roll", in 2012.

You may not have heard of Black n' Roll, so I'll fill you in on that, it's a pretty straightforward combination of Black Metal and Rock n' Roll.

Lyrically, Chapel tend to keep the focus on the important things in life; Rock n' Roll, Alcohol and Satan.

Today's song is Alcoholocaust, which is my favorite song from Satan's Rock n' Roll, not just because it's about booze and genocide, but because it's got a pretty cool bass solo in the intro, and I cannot resist a good bass intro. I mean, listen to it and tell me that's not awesome.


Note: At the end of every month Jeff will make a guest post like this.

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