Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Title Track Tuesdays: Sabaton - The Art Of War

Band:  Sabaton
Genre:  Power Metal

If there's one band that I'm really happy I discovered it'd have to be Sabaton.  There's a really inspiring power behind what their music that just makes you want to go.  The synth strings, the choir, the generally military patriotic theme, it all works together in a way that just works.

This album is a theme album even more so than their other stuff in the sense that it references Sun Tzu's book "The Art Of War".  The theme pervades throughout with little steps away to readings from the book itself and is usually accompanied with marching sounds as can be heard in the beginning of this track.  I'll rate this as a bang up representation of the direction the album is taking.

I hope you enjoy this song and band, they're some of my favorites.

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