Thursday, July 28, 2016

Radiohead - Creep

Band:  Radiohead
Genre:  Alternative Rock
Language:  Strong

Yeah yeah, it's like only the most popular song Radiohead has ever put out.  Gimme a break.

A while ago I was listening to this song and I was really vibing it so I decided to just shuffle all of Radiohead's material.  It was a great time too, super chill and whatnot with all the variety the music has.  Most of their albums have rather different sounds to them and I really appreciate that because it keeps things interesting, ya know?

However I tried to replicate that feeling today and I don't know if I was choosing all the wrong songs to start on but I just hated it.  The dude's voice was bugging me, the weird crappy synth sound I sometimes like just sucked, and the vibe I got last time just wouldn't return.

Maybe it's the wrong day, I dunno.  I've got a hit and miss relationship with these guys anyway, so no loss.

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