Friday, July 1, 2016

Slayer - Repentless

Band:  Slayer
Genre:  Thrash Metal
Language:  Strong

There was a lot of controversy with this album when it came out.  You know, not just the usual controversy with a slayer album but an actually bit of controversy in the music end of things.  You see one of Slayer's founding members, Jeff Hanneman, died a little before this album was put out.
Point of interest, he died of a flesh eating disease ironically, which is possibly the most Metal way he could have died.
He had written one song before he died though, and it was supposed to be included on the last album.  Kerry King decided to axe the track.  A lot of fans thought that was majorly uncool since it's the last track Jeff would ever be a part of in Slayer, but it's too late now for anything to change.

There's a rather large amount of violence in this video by the way.  Blood and such.  Danny Trejo is in here though, so that's cool, right?

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