Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lecrae - Can't Do You

Artist:  Lecrae feat. E-40
Genre:  Hip Hop

Here's an actual example of what I like about Lecrae.  I mean, who would have guessed that a Christian rapper would have somebody like E-40 on his song, right?

It's a solid tune though.  The beat isn't too bad, and even though E-40 doesn't do a lot of his usual stuff his verse is still pretty good as well.

Lecrae isn't bad, but in my opinion he's a lot better in other people's music or when he has an outside artist on his track like this.  He's got some talent and there's a couple of his songs that I enjoy a lot, but for the most part he's always going to be the guy that my Christian friends come to me with when I say I like Rap and they're like, "Oh, have you ever heard Lecrae?  He's like, the Christian version of whatever you like!"  But he's not, so...  yeah.

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