Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Grim Reaper - See You In Hell

Band:  Grim Reaper
Genre:  Heavy Metal, New Wave British Heavy Metal

I saw this on Reddit about a week ago and I thought it sounded pretty cool.  I told Jeff about it and I was all, "Hey look, these guys sound like early Death, you might like it."  Well if you follow that link (which heck, it might be tomorrow's post) you'll see that Death sounds nothing like Grim Reaper.  Nothing at all.

Actually when he heard it he said that Grim Reaper sounded like, "that crappy Glam stuff you seem to like for some reason.  A good version, but still kinda crappy."

I can't deny that I'm majorly attracted to kinda crappy music, but still man, that hurts a little bit.  Eh, maybe not.  I can admit that I have poor taste at times, so that makes it all ok.

Hey hey, this sounds really classic though, so please enjoy.

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