Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A to Z Challenge: K is for KoЯn

Band: Korn (KoЯn)
Genre: Nu-Metal
Language:  Strong

What can be said about Korn anymore.  They were one of "those bands" for the beginning of their career because of their sound and subject matter, they disappeared for a bit with some less popular stuff, they put out a surprisingly good Dubstep album, then they finally put out what their "new sound" was.

This song is from the new album, so let's rewind in the timeline.

So they were formed way back in 93, which actually means they are as old as a band as I am as a person.  I'm unsure how to feel about that come to think of it.

They've maintained a rather consistent lineup honestly.  Head left back in 2005 but has since rejoined as of 2013.  David Silveria left the band in 2006 and was replaced by Ray Luzier on Drums.  David though, unlike Head, has done nothing but burn bridges with the band for the last 2 years.  The dude is honestly saying some rather messed up stuff that, true or not, is rather unprofessional.

But yeah, the music got a tad generic for a bit when David stopped caring.  The drums were primarily all done either on a program or recorded by the singer Jonathan Davis and as such the groove of their suffered a bit.

That's not important though because Ray has been a fantastic improvement to their sound.

Then the Dubstep album.  Fans hated this because it was released at the same time as all the Dubstep hate was reaching a peak.  It's like, at the time it was a poor decision, but going back it's like the best thing ever.  The combination of Korn's sound with the various artists that they worked with is just a terrific thing.

The newest album is a much smoother blending of the sounds though.  You've still got electronic elements but there's also a more polished version of the old Korn in there.  I like it and you should too.

Enjoy my obsession with Nu-Metal and happy K day!


  1. I bought the Freak on a Leash single from a classmate for like $5 lol. I loved that song.

    1. I've gotta say that is a song I like a lot, haha
      You ever hear the version they did with Amy Lee of Evanescence? It's not too bad.