Monday, April 11, 2016

A to Z Challenge: I is for Islander

Band:  Islander
Genre:  Nu-Metal

Dude.  It's a Nu-Metal band that was formed after the year 2000.  11 years after in fact.  I'm really freaking pumped by this, not gonna lie.

Sounding a little like a mix of Deftones, Limp Bizkit, and P.O.D., these guys are not half bad.  If I'm being totally honest I'm more excited about the possibility of a resurgence of Nu-Metal than this band itself, but I'm willing to take the steps as they come, ya know?

Besides, this is some solid music.  I think a lot of their other tunes are better, but the options I had in the music video department were pretty low.  Their album Violence & Destruction has a lot more songs that sound like what I described them sounding like, so even though this song mostly sounds like some sort of Hard Rock tune I promise that their sound fits what I claim.  For reals.

Hey though, there's like no screaming in this song so I'm sure everybody can get behind it, right?

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