Saturday, April 9, 2016

A to Z Challenge: H is for Hayseed Dixie

Band:  Hayseed Dixie
Genre:  Bluegrass

I know I posted these guys really recently but I had planned on putting them in here first so that's just my bad, ya know?

Bluegrass covers of all your favorite Rock songs though, you can't deny that that's really cool.  I don't care if you hate Bluegrass, you hear the hits of AC/DC played like this and you're gonna fall in love.  Maybe not in love, but at the very least you'll fall in like.

It takes some creative people to get something like this going.  When they started you can tell it was a lot more joke oriented but as the years have gone by it's obvious they've accepted their niche place in culture and have refined their sound to fit that.  This song for example sounds a lot more polished than Highway to Hell.

Enjoy, and good luck on your respective A to Z adventures!

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