Saturday, April 23, 2016

A to Z Challenge: T is for Tenacious D

Band:  Tenacious D
Genre:  Comedy Rock, Hard Rock
Language:  Strong

I'll admit the main reason this song is here is because the song I wanted to post didn't actually have a music video.

It's still a cool thing though, because Tenacious D is a reasonably funny band, ya know?  The video below is hilarious since the band has basically been out of the spotlight since their movie came out like, 10 years ago.

Honestly outside of Guitar Hero III I hardly even remembered they existed.  This is a new video though, so apparently they are trying break back into the spotlight, right?

Hey though, if they want to try that that's fine with me.  I consider this band to be one of the better things Jack Black has done with his career honestly.  His comedy isn't really something I'm that in to, and even though the music really follows the same comedic line I kinda like it more.

Tomorrow's post will be what I wanted today but couldn't.

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