Monday, April 4, 2016

A to Z Challenge: C is for CeeLo

Artist:  CeeLo Green
Genre:  R&B, Hip Hop
Language:  Strong

In case you live under a rock like I did in 2010 and missed this song, here it is!  This was the theme song of a friend of mine for quite a while, he had dance motions and everything.  Mostly it just involved flipping us all off, but it was still fun to watch.

CeeLo was one of the judges on The Voice for a while till he got in some legal trouble for being charged with rape in 2014.  It was decided that he was not at fault (look it up for the deets) but afterward he took to Twitter and said some rather stupid stuff.

He lost a lot of his credibility in the industry after that and is still trying to recover from that.  After all, this is not a subject to be spoken of lightly.

But let's pull back from dark topics, this is just a music blog.  Enjoy the tune, think of who you can apply it to, and have a wonderful day.


  1. I forgot about CeeLo! I think I will look him up and play some of his music this afternoon. Thanks!
    @AllysePanaro from
    The Frog Lady

    1. It's my pleasure! Glad I could reintroduce you two, haha

  2. I've always loved this song, but totally forgot about it's existence! I appreciate a good f*ck off statement, and the fact that it's set to cheery doo wop music makes me giggle. Thanks for sharing. Happy A2Z!


    1. I couldn't possibly agree more, and a happy A to Z to you as well! Love the weather poems you've got going on.