Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A to Z Challenge: P is for Phil Anselmo

Hey look, Phil is wearing a Ghost B.C. shirt.  Cool.

Artist:  Philip H. Anselmo
Genre:  Thrash Metal, Southern Metal

Oh Phil.  You are the subject of so many jokes in the Metal community.

From his time to lead singer of Pantera, to his more recent spotlight of screaming "white power" at Dimebash this year, Philip H Anselmo is quite a character.

Honestly I like the guy.  He's brought about a rather funny selection of parodies into my life, his music is honestly pretty good, and without him there would be no equal to Scott Ian of Anthrax when it comes to being in all the Metal history videos.

The bands he's in are honestly really good though.  SuperJointRitual and Down are solid, and the plethora of other bands he's been involved in too.  He may be an asshole, but he's a really solid artist who does deserve some respect.  His voice has a freakishly impressive range that you can see in this video.  If you care to look up other stuff he's been in you can see his low range more, but this shows that not only can he do his screaming deal but he can also pull off some legit singing.

We are past the half way point by the way, cool, right?

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