Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Cure - Pictures Of You

Band:  The Cure
Genre:  Alternative Rock

Some bands I have a legitimate connection to, other bands I have only a nostalgic connection to.  Unfortunately, The Cure is a group I really only have a nostalgic connection to.  They've got a killer sound to them that I really enjoy, but I can't for the life of me actually name any of their songs.

I mean, I clearly have a song right here, but that was totally picked out of a line of songs in the suggested YouTube list.  One of those things that bums me out, but what are ya gonna do.


  1. You chose wisely. This is one of my favorite three songs by The Cure. The other two are "Just Like Heaven" and "Love Song." This one is a killer choice. Uninformed or not, you nailed it . . . though anything from the album "Disintegration" would have worked.

    1. You were the inspiration for this post actually, I was this close to asking you for a song recommendation, haha