Thursday, May 26, 2016

Still Waiting - Breathe Again

Band:  Still Waiting
Genre:  Hard Rock

Yo, so it's kinda bragging time here.  My brother managed to land the lead guitar gig for this group some time last year and has spent a ridiculous amount of time practicing since then.  I'm honestly not really joking when I say I really don't see him outside of work, he's out with these guys so often.

That's not really important, just something I thought I would mention.

Anyway the really cool thing is that they are playing Creation Festival this year.  They managed to swing playing last year but my brother wasn't fully part of the group then so he didn't actually go play with them.  This time though he's been in the group long enough to actually know all of their material and he's gonna be one the stage with the rest of them.

I'm freaking pumped about this as any older brother would be, so I had to tell somebody about it.  I suppose it made sense to tell the entire internet, right?

He's not playing on this track, but they are writing new songs that he has a hand in so there's some more stuff to be hype about.  If you want to see his work you can hear our songs on Soundcloud or his solo stuff on his Soundcloud.

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