Thursday, May 19, 2016

Birdman - Respek

Artist:  Birdman
Genre:  Rap
Language:  Strong

I tend not to be too up to date on a lot of pop culture stuff, but this is something I actually managed to keep up with.

So I have a friend who keeps me up to date on Rap gossip, and one of the interesting things recently was the whole Birdman thing.

There's a radio show hosted by this dude named Charlemagne.  He get's a lot of rappers and such on his show, interviews them, gives them crap, and promotes their stuff.  A while ago he had Kanye flip out on him for almost no reason and recently he had some issues with Birdman,  Apparently Birdman didn't feel that Charlemagne addressed him with enough "respek" when he talked to him.  to quote, "Next time you say my name you better put some respek on it!"

I found the whole thing hilarious and the jokes that followed were great, but then this song came out.  I'm assuming that Birdman knows that most people feel the whole thing is just a huge joke but he's definitely not going to miss out on cashing in on it while it's still current.  Not a bad financial move from a guy called Birdman, eh?

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