Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sheppard - Geronimo

Band:  Sheppard
Genre:  Indie Rock

You know what we need here?  Another song I know nothing about.

This is another song that we tossed on a playlist the other night and it really caught my ear while I was just listening to music to try and get some inspiration.  As with the other song it's really catchy and such, ya know?

This was released 2 years ago though so I'm sure everybody heard it ages ago and I'm just late to the parade, right?  I do this a lot, I don't suppose I should really be surprised anymore.  This is my own fault for listening to fringe music, ya know?  Heavier Metal stuff and hardcore Rap songs don't tend to make friends.  At least Rap has a wider fan base though, a lot more people have heard of Future than have heard of, say, Bloodbath.

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