Thursday, May 5, 2016

DMX - Slippin'

Artist:  DMX
Genre:  Rap

This song really speaks to me.  Through the chorus at least, not the verses.  I'm just really freaking tired cause I'm getting sick.  Wednesdays are long already and since I'm gonna be out of town this weekend for my cousin's wedding I'm a little stressed about getting all my work done.

Also it's another late night that I wasn't able to make the time to get this written earlier in the day.  I need to be awake in about 6 hours but since I'm *Slippin* with my time management I'm stuck doing this now.

Get it?  I just complained about all this for the sake of a stupid joke?  No?  Ok, I'll stop.

Enjoy DMX and be excited that he's coming out with a new album soon.  Especially since he almost died in February.  Talent like this guy doesn't come around all the time.  Not joking either , I really love DMX's voice.

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