Friday, May 6, 2016

Betraying The Martyrs - Out Of Egypt

Band:  Betraying The Martyrs
Genre:  Deathcore, Symphonic Deathcore

I was looking through some of my playlists deciding on a song today and I got distracted by the internet.  You know, as ya do.
Anyway I was browsing reddit and as I scrolled down my feed wasting my time I found this song.  I already have enjoyed the music from this band that I've heard before but I hadn't heard this before.  You may remember these guys, they covered Let it Go?  I posted it ages ago, but I'm banking on you not remembering it.

Anyway though, it's a good song as far as Deathcore goes.  If you don't like that then ya may as well skip this one, we'll catch ya on the flip side.

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