Monday, May 16, 2016

Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy

Artist:  Bobby McFerrin
Genre:  Reggae

Now you know I love all my trashy music, it's one of the things that gets me up in the morning.

Let's go way back to one of the first songs I ever had on my MP3 player, Don't Worry, By Happy.

I feel like everybody has probably heard this song a billion times to the point of hating and being tired of it, but it's still a fun chill song that you can tolerate enough to listen to me ramble about it for a minute.

It's a cool little ditty that matches my feelings right now. Got the rest of the day off, got only one job tomorrow, and all I have plans to do today is play like, 6 hours of Starcraft.

I've never played Starcraft before so I'm pretty pumped about this. RTS (real time strategy) games are things I really enjoy when they're done well and from what I hear Starcraft is one of the games that does it the best.

Gonna be a good day.

By the way, this is all about Sunday cause that' when I 'm writing this.