Saturday, May 7, 2016

Ronald Jenkees - Try The Bass

Artist:  Ronald Jenkeees
Genre:  Electronic, EDM

Yo yo, I'm in Baltimore today for my cousins wedding!  It's gonna be a good time I'm sure, cause this os one of my favorite cousin's weddings here.  He and his brother are always a blast so I can't imagine that his wedding is gonna be dull, ya know?

Anyway though, as we were driving down yesterday we all started talking about music that we had been shown recently and such.  Somebody my mom works with had showed he this guy a little bit ago apparently so he was basically the talk of the trip with how cool his stuff is.  Like, who actually manages to play stuff that complicated live the whole way through?  Not too many.  Most live Electronic artists will play parts of their songs, but with how complicated a lot of the tracks turn out as they generally rely on a lot of loops and such.  This guy had the drums on a loop in the background but that's it, the rest was a single live take.  That impresses me a lot and that's why he made the post today.

Bye bye, gonna go enjoy my cousins wedding now, catch ya tomorrow!


  1. Hello, YouTubes! lol I really like this guy. Good post.