Saturday, May 28, 2016

Device - Out Of Line

Band:  Device feat. Serj Tankian, Geezer Butler
Genre:  Alternative Metal

I was really excited to see that Serj had done a song with David Draiman.  Why you ask?  Why because Serj flocks to social causes like a moth to a flame and Draiman has always been far more political than a musician should be.  When I saw the title of the song I knew it would be a preachy yet wonderful tune and it really did deliver.

A low, one of my favorite bass players is also here!  Geezer is the bassist from Black Sabbath and his stuff is what I learned to play initially.  It was simple enough that I could pick it up and just kinda go with it and feel all accomplished with myself.  Then boom, he slapped some low end on Device and helped cement a solid song together.

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