Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Scorpions - Big City Nights

Band:  Scorpions
Genre:  Hair Metal, Power Metal, Hard Rock

"Ah hem..  *cough*  Ah...  The 80s."  *drop mic*

I feel like that's one of the primary feelings toward 80s music.  Some people call it the worst stuff on planet earth but I'd say that a large portion of the community is head over heels obsessed all over 80s music.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy a lot of 80s music.  It's got a very defining sound though that just sounds like the 80s in a way that nothing today has.  Even bands that try to mimic the sound like Steel Panther don't always manage to nail it.  Technology has simply advanced to the point that the crappy synths that we had back then just are gone.

Actually it's just the synths that we can kill.  The rest is killer and all that.

Anyway, please enjoy one of the anthems of the 80s, the glory of Hair Metal.

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