Sunday, May 1, 2016

Dark Sermon - Rat King

Band:  Dark Sermon
Genre:  Blackened Death Metal, Deathcore

Yo man, got through that A to Z like it was nothing, right?

Ok, not really.  Wasn't as prepared this year so it was rough.  Hey though, I delivered and that's all you can ask, right?

So I decided to change up my usual hum drum one job straight to the other thing I've been doing and go do something fun today.  I'm going to see a pile of Deathcore bands live and it's gonna be awesome.

There's this show which should be sweet, and another one in a couple weeks that, in my opinion, will make this month about a million times better than last month.

I've never seen Dark Sermon before, but my brother says they put on a fantastic show so I've got high hopes.  Good times and all that cause live music is always good.

For real.  I really don't like Country music but I don't mind seeing it live, ya know?  Even if it's stuff I really don't like the live aspect is always something I can get behind.  And I like this, so that'll make it better.

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