Monday, May 2, 2016

The Clash - London Calling

Band:  The Clash
Genre:  Punk Rock

Talking about Sex Pistols last week made me remember a "lot" (read 2) of Punk bands I liked.  One of them is The Clash.

Actually it reminded me enough that I decided to actually learn to play a few of their songs.  This is a big deal for me since I never actually follow through with learning almost any songs that I think "Hey, I should learn this song".  #Goals.

So yeah.  I didn't learn this song, but I wouldn't mind it some time, ya know?  This is probably one of the most well known songs by The Clash though, and as such you might have heard it before.  It's a really solid tune with a catchy as crap bass line that rocks through the song.  I almost learned that line, but it turns out that a different one was easier for me and my brother to knock out.

The guitars in this song are really cool though.  The way they just keep hitting over the melody of the rest of it and it's a really cool sounding thing.  I really need to upgrade my wording so that it doesn't sound so freaking copy and pasted all the time.

Ah well, eventually.

Honestly I picked this song because London is foggy and right now is the foggiest I've ever seem Erie.  Like, total white out of fog at 5pm.  It's intense.

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