Monday, May 23, 2016

Carach Angren - Killed And Served By The Devil

Band:  Carach Angren
Genre:  Symphonic Death Metal
Themes:  Extreme Horror

I always regret not listening to song lyrics closer.  There's songs I've posted here that end up having some really cool parts in the lyrics when I'm listening to them later that make me wish I had heard it before so I could drop some nifty little insight on one of the lines in the song.  Remember Lindeman's song Skills In Pills?  After I listened to it almost every day for a solid 2 weeks I had a couple thoughts about the song as a whole but it's not like I could post it again.  I missed my chance to pretend to be deep.

Not so with this song.

Actually the only reason I'm as familiar with this is because I did a review on the album when it came out and I thought it would be appropriate to have  actually listened to the album in depth.  Listened to it, checked the lyrics, all that jazz.  You know what you get when you look too close into Black Metal lyrics though?  You get a horror story that anybody would be proud to make a movie about.

I would actually advise checking out the lyrics on this one while you listen to it, it makes it a lot more intense.  Honestly I'd rather you give the whole album because it's a horrific story to follow.  I wouldn't hesitate to call it my top album of 2015.

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