Monday, May 7, 2018

A to Z 2k18: Reflections as a daily blog

As any of you who have followed me for more than the last month will know, I'm a daily blog.  You might have picked up from the fact that this blog is called "Song A Day", but I can totally understand if you would assume I don't actually post daily.

As with years past, my greatest challenge was simply visiting other people's stuff.  I had 3 blogs I read every post of this year (which is about 3 blogs more than last year), but other than them I was super bad about making sure to check out other people.  I also was still bad at commenting, so apologies if I visited and almost never commented, I promise I probably liked your stuff.

I suppose the biggest issue with that is that I always come into this challenge hoping to find somebody else who talks about music.  There's not as many music bloggers here since you all are mostly writers, but as in the past, I have found that's not too big an issue.  I also feel a lot better about my posts, since I'm a better writer than I was a few years back.  I've also mostly managed to blend my tastes and more publicly enjoyed music for the posts, so I'm sure that helped.

That's a biggie too, this year I managed to post a few more Metal tracks that actually went over well!  I did a quick look through years past, and I discovered that this is one of the best years I've had for conversations too!  It's just been a great time all around.  Even though we had a lot less people signing up than in the past it still was a good year for people like me who just had quick entertainment pieces.

Shoutout to my fellow song blog I found run by Lauren Mayhew too.  She had the bomb idea of posting her top iPod song plays, which was just a blast to follow.  I'd never heard of The Wanted or McFly before April, but you'd better believe I heard about them by the end of it, haha

I liked the individual sheets for posts too, that's not a bad addition at all.  Honestly I loved the Google Forms signup too, it was a really good play that helped fix the issues that arose last year.  And the categories?  Good options there.  Took me a second to see what I qualified under cause "Entertainment" is a pretty broad category, but that's alright.  I loved being able to sort people by categories that worked much easier than years past.  It kinda helped me find some people that were more in the same vein of posting as I was.

A good year, all things considered.  Hope some of y'all will swing by as the year goes on to check out what I have going on.  The music selection is generally a bit out there, but I enjoy it, and since this is mostly a passion project that's what really counts.  See you guys next time, enjoy the song.

Band:  Dire Straits feat. Sting
Song:  Money For Nothin
Album:  Brothers In Arms (1985)
Genre:  Classic Rock

Song wise today we're kicking off a nostalgia trip of the first music I got loaded onto my iPod by a friend of mine.  We're gonna walk through the mess of me realizing I liked Metal music with a slew of Hardcore, , Hard Rock, and way more.  I'm pumped about this, so I hope y'all enjoy it too!  We'll start it out with Dire Straits, who's guitar riff in Money For Nothing made me realize that's what I was after in music.

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  1. Oh WOW, I love this song and just about everything that Dire Straits did, and much of Mark Knopfler's stuff ever since. Great memories from when I lived in the UK, and I look forward to future Classic Rock posts.

    Your site was one of the finds of A to Z this year, so I'm eagerly following. I'm also grateful for all your comments on my 'gaming' posts. []

    I'm amazed that there aren't more Music blogs as it is the backdrop to much of a writer's creation. Now that could be my theme for next year - Music that inspires Creation. Thanks, Noah.

    1. Thank you so much for coming over! There is gonna be a weird selection of music coming up, but I can indeed promise Classic Rock on the books until Saturday, haha

      I did mention on your reflection post as well, but I greatly enjoyed the posts I managed to read on your blog this year. RPGs are some of my favorite games, and to see somebody delve so deep into the back lore of some of my favorites (Elderscrolls, The Witcher, Zelda) was super cool.

  2. I found you on the A-Z Reflection Doc. Agree, the Docs made it the easiest year yet for finding blogs to read. As for the categories, the Writers rule and the rest of us try to find a niche on the list.
    Going to check out Lauren's posts. Sounds intriguing!

    1. I'm glad you found me! I loved the addition of the Docs list, super easy to sort and copy to my own if I needed. I submitted some feedback about categories though, so we can always hope. It's the first year with this method, so I'm still amazed it went as well as it did, shoutout to the A to Z crew for pulling off a new system so smoothly!

      And Lauren's posts are a must, such a great selection of good music was posted.

  3. Thank so much for the shout out! I loved coming to your blog every day and I've definitely come away with a few more songs on my iPod. Who knows, they might make it to the top of my list at some point in the future. I think next year they should have a category just for music - though I'm sure my theme will be something completely different if I ever choose to do this again!

    Lauren Mayhew Author - A-Z Reflections

    1. For sure! I'm glad you enjoyed some enough to get them into your rotation, that's always a blast.

  4. Great reflections and I love Money for Nothing, haven't heard it in ages