Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Imagine Dragons - Believer

Band:  Imagine Dragons
Song:  Believer
Album:  Evolve (2017)
Genre:  Indie Rock

My string of no internet continues strong!  It's been frustrating, but at least I have the fun of offline video games and hanging out with some cool peeps.  Mostly been playing boatloads of Terraria though, cause that's the bomb.

Here we've got another backup song because of it, so let's goooo

I heard this song last year when they were running that dope little thing with the music video challenge.  Or maybe it was early this year?  Can't really remember honestly and I don't care to research it.

Anyway though, they handed out a mountain of video footage and this song asking people to throw something together.  Having just obtained some access to Adobe's video software you'd better believe that I signed right up for that.  I didn't end up finishing at all, but that doesn't matter cause it was a blast to play around with.

Also the song is rather enjoyable too, so that's a double win, eh?

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