Friday, August 25, 2017

Ensiferum - Axe Of Judgement

Band:  Ensiferum
Song:  Axe Of Judgement
Album:  One Man Army (2015)
Genre:  Folk Metal, Melodic Death Metal

Ensiferum describes themselves as a Melodic Folk Metal band.  That would mean that they're a combo of Melodic Death Metal and Folk Metal.  This song specifically is much heavier toward the Melo Death side of things, but don't let that scare you away.

I was really happy when I came across these guys.  Partially cause they're just good, but also because I really do love some good Melo Death.  I actually worked to narrow it down between three different songs cause while I was shuffling though I kept finding stuff that was just fantastic.  Like, this is a fantastic band that is rather underrated.  That's the issue with Folk Metal though, a lot of people write it off since they hate the idea of mixing Metal with anything.  Freaking elitists.

And if this song isn't your speed, check out some of their other songs.  They have a plethora of music that's a lot more laid back and folk-like than this.

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