Sunday, August 27, 2017

Alestorm - F*cked With An Anchor

Band:  Alestorm
Song:  F*cked With An Anchor
Album:  No Grave But The Sea (2017)
Genre:  Pirate Metal, Folk Metal
Language:  Strong

I'm so freaking angry right now.  I had planned on doing a serious (or as serious as Alestorm gets) song, but then I saw this godforsaken band had a new album.  I mean, I was pleased for a second, cause I like hearing new music, but then I heard the most Scotish song I've ever heard in my life.  I can't even deal with this, this is straight BS and I need some help.

Like, I was hoping for a song that was a pirate twist on the Cannibal Corpse song F*cked With A Knife, and instead I have this stupidly catchy song that I will forever think of when this band comes to mind.

I can't really be surprised either, cause this is just their freaking Scottish attitude showing strong like I guess I should expect.

But yeah.  Alestorm is a generally great band.  Pretty typical Folk Metal with a heavy pirate/nautical slant.  Enjoy.

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