Monday, August 7, 2017

Skillet - Fingernails

Band:  Skillet
Song:  Fingernails
Album:  Collide
Genre:  Hard Rock

So as I'm sure some of you have picked up at this point, I have a very low opinion of bands that "sell out".  Nothing will make me drop a band quite as quickly as hearing them a lot on the radio.  When Skillet's album Awake came out in 2009 they really got snagged up by the radio.  They actually became a really huge crossover hit, doing well in both the Christian and secular charts.

That bugged me though, cause all my friends were rather sheltered and considered them to be Heavy Metal, citing the digitally altered "scream" in Monster.  As somebody trying to get into Metal music and having all their friends try to turn them toward The. Most. Popular. Christian Rock band at the time I kinda started to hate Skillet.

Things only got worse when the local Rock station played Awake & Alive and Monster to death as well.  It really killed anything I had felt about the band, which bugged me cause I still liked a lot of their songs.

I didn't even listen to any of the tracks off of Rise either when it came out.  I've since found a couple I enjoy, but honestly the success of Alive really killed Skillet for me.  Didn't even realize they dropped an album last year, haha

Then I saw their live show.  Man, they really do put on a solid show, I was impressed.  It was good enough that I decided to give 'em a listen for the first time in ages.

Now I posted that I loved their show on Facebook and a friend of mine immediately trashed their new music as "Pop Rock".  I mean, now that I've listened to the album I can kinda see where he's coming from, but I honestly can't really trash it.  It's not my style, sure, but a lot of it feels like a return to Skillet's old sound.  Not old like the song I've giving you today, but old like the crap they put out in 96, 98.  That stuff just wasn't really that great in my opinion, but it had a Pop, Industrial vibe to it.  This stuff has some of that feeling back and, honestly, that's not a bad thing.

When I just skipped around the album I managed to find all of their softer songs, but listening through it was actually a pretty good time.

I love how creepy and off this song starts.  It almost sounds like a track from Saw.  It could be in there, I wouldn't mind that.  Have fun!

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