Thursday, August 31, 2017

Jidenna - Classic Man (remix)

Artist:  Jidenna (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
Song:  Classic Man (remix)
Album:  Classic Man (remix) Single
Genre:  Rap, Hip Hop
Language:  Strong

I figured what better way to follow Kendrick than with the classiest rapper in the game coupled with the added bonus of Kendrick having a feature, eh?

Jidenna, aside from being one classy brother, is also a fantastic rapper.  I came across him through Luke Cage and I've really been a fan since then.  Like, the dude released his full album finally back in February, and it's filled with that slick little twist of Rap and R&B that he's so good at.

This video isn't as good as Kendrick's visually, but I'll have more time to look for a solid one tomorrow since it's way too late for me to be up right now.

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