Thursday, August 17, 2017

Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You

Artist:  Ed Sheeran
Song:  Shape Of You
Album:  Divide (2017)
Genre:  Pop Acoustic

So while I'm in a coffee shop for the free Wi-Fi I figure I may as well just do some stuff with the songs that are playing over the system.

Cause like, while I may not care for Ed Sheeran he's not a bad musician and does deserve a little bit of a shout out for just being not total trash.  Like, I don't hate all of his music, but I also won't go and listen to him of my own volition very often.  I mostly blame the fact that I'm heavily entrenched in my avoidance of mainstream music as much as I can manage.

Since this is his big current single, obviously it's being played to death right now.  Still though, since it's not trash I hereby give it to you to enjoy.

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