Saturday, August 26, 2017

Eluveitie - The Call Of The Mountains

Band:  Eluveitie
Song:  The Call Of The Mountains
Album:  Origins (2014)
Genre:  Folk Metal

Here's a much more calming vocalist for you to listen to.  Eluveitie has 2 vocalists, one male and one female.  The dude is a screamer, and the chick sings.  Both of them are fantastically good at what they do though, and they blend really well.

Then there's the godlike selection of instruments.  You get bagpipes, a hurdy-gurdy, violin, harp, a selection of acoustic instruments, and various other wind instruments.  It's a ragtag mountain of things that you wouldn't generally see in a Metal band, but these guys majorly make it work.

This song doesn't have a hurdy-gurdy in it, but it does have all the other instruments I mentioned.  You'll want to watch near the end to see the (whistle? pipe?) solo.  It goes on for a surprisingly long time and highlights the players lung controll.  It's not something that you see too often in the rock scene.  You get people who are great at guitar, bass, drums, and maybe keys, but wind instruments don't usually get featured.  Jazz, Big Band, orchestral stuff, that's where you see the greats of that stuff.

Plus on top of all this it's a band with an aesthetic.  I'm a sucker for bands with a solid aesthetic.

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