Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sabaton - Night Witches

Band:  Sabaton
Song:  Night Witches
Album:  Heroes (2014)
Genre:  Power Metal

This'll be the last post containing any of the bs from my vacation, I promise.

I'm kinda pumped is all since I don't often run into metalheads out and about, and even less frequently do I find ones that we connect immediately on a band.  Well we as a group were walking back to my friends apartment and this dude, Dave, mentions that when he saw Sabaton he stood in a line that went like, down 3 or more blocks.  We happened to walk right past where he had been standing.

This caused me to tell him about when I had seen them in Cleveland and we shot the breeze about Sabaton for a bit.  We both agree they're one of the best live acts we'd ever seen and we traded favorite songs back and forth.  I was gonna post the song he had said was one of his favorites, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was.  It was on Carolus Rex though, and was one of the ones that was in Swedish.

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