Monday, May 15, 2017

Green Day - Bang Bang

Band:  Green Day
Song:  Bang Bang
Album:  Revolution Radio
Genre:  Punk Rock

I suppose it's fitting that I talk about a lot of Punk Rock on the month I decided to rant about some of my favorite Grind bands, considering Grind is straight up descended from the Hardcore Punk scene.  Not Green Day's style of Punk, more the  angry side of Punk.  Just thought I'd drop that tidbit though, we'll talk about it more later I'm sure.

I've said it before when I posted another song from this album, but my goodness this album wasn't bad at all.  All in all the songs were a return to the Green Day sound that I personally liked more, so obviously I enjoyed it more, ya dig?

This is probably one of my favorite tracks on the album, it's got a nifty Saint Jimmy vib to it.  Saint Jimmy was hands down my favorite track on American Idiot so having something that reminds me of it is just straight gold for me.

I hope ya like it, it's a good high energy piece.

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