Sunday, May 14, 2017

PAIN - Designed To Piss You Off

Band:  PAIN
Song:  Designed To Piss You Off
Album:  Coming Home
Genre:  Industrial
Language:  Mild

I found out about PAIN when I first heard Lindemann.  I decided to listen to the dude's other band Hypocrisy first though.  Not too great in my general line of music, but not bad either.

I finally listened to PAIN after seeing an interview where Peter Tägtgren mentioned that Lindemann was basically the same thing as PAIN but with Till singing instead of himself.  As a fan of Lindemann I was rather happy to find I could get more music of the same style.

PAIN is actually straight fantastic.  The whole Industrial theme is a style of music that I don't have as much knowledge of as I'd like to.  It's a cool blend of Metal music with electronic stuff that is also rather different than Nu-Metal, though still similar.  Do enjoy this song though, and happy mothers day as well I suppose, haha.

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