Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Black Mask - Bottomfeeder

Band:  Black Mask
Song:  Bottomfeeder
Album:  Black Mask
Genre:  Grindcore
Bandcamp:  blackmaskpa.bandcamp.com

I mean, I suppose I'll post one of these guys songs without talking about the time I got to see them live, but honestly any band that you can walk into without ever having heard before and leave a fan is a good time.

Any band that intros there set with some sort of happy Pop style tune then rips into a nasty mess of noise is straight up fantastic in my book.  The singer was right in the pit with everybody else too, so that was rather intense.

Shoutout to my boy Steve for inviting me to the show that these guys played at, I couldn't think of a more solid band to round out May-Grudergrind with.  Speaking of Steve, be on the lookout cause they've got a music video in the works that I'll be posting soon, so...  hype.

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