Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sixx: A.M. - Rise

Band:  Sixx A.M.
Song:  Rise
Album:  Prayer For The Damned
Genre:  Rock

"I was addicted to heroin so feel bad for me but don't tell me how to live my life."  That's basically Nikki Sixx, and that's why I hate him a lot.  He's a little too preachy for a guy that also talks about all his mistakes.

I've also found I'm not a huge fan of his music as a general rule.  I find his music to also be too preachy without any meat to the song to make it stand by itself.

But every now and then I suppose he releases a song that is pretty good.

Actually a lot of his music past the first 2 albums has been not terrible.  I still don't care for it nearly as much as some other bands that I feel are better, but it's not as bad as most of The Heroin Diaries stuff.

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  1. Funny you would think that. When I read The Heroin Diaries, I expected it to end on a better note than it did. I guess not everyone has a dramatic ending to their addiction, but I came away with the idea that he hadn't really learned much from it and wasn't all that changed, other than not shooting up anymore. Not a fan of his music, but of course I had to comment on your insights.

    1. He talks about it on his radio show from time to time, but the dude is way too high and mighty in my opinion.