Friday, May 5, 2017

Dark Sermon - Starve

Band:  Dark Sermon
Song:  Starve
Album:  The Oracle
Genre:  Death Metal

So I wasn't planning on posting a Metal band today since tomorrow is my theme unveiling for the month and, spoiler alert, it's a hella harsh pile of Metal.  But I heard some bad news the other day so I kinda had to throw these guys out there.

Dark Sermon broke up.

I suppose it'd be dumb of me to be too saddened by this cause I only got to see them the one time, but I'm still hella bummed out by the whole thing.  The singer posted something explaining it that you can check out here, but it's not like it makes me less bummed, ya dig?

These guys straight up had the best live show I've ever seen.  They went full bore into the stage show that they did.  They burned sage bundles, set up an altar, and the singer had this skull (pictured above) that the mic fit in so it looked like  he was just screaming at a skull.  Then at some point he would grab the forehead of some person in the front row and shake 'em around a little during a grooving point of the music.  Instead of trying to impress the audience with their music, they first built an atmosphere in the room.  I was excited to see them the first time and, unlike a lot of bands I hear live, I didn't feel left out by not knowing any of their songs going in.

I'm bummed that I'm not gonna be able to see these guys again, but since the singer has a new project going on I'll have a chance to hear aspects of their sound again, so that'll be cool at least.

Good run guys.

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