Monday, May 1, 2017

A to Z, the Reflections Post

Artist:  Tech N9ne feat. Krizz Kaliko
Song:  No Can Do
Album:  Everready (The Religion)
Genre:  Rap, Hip Hop
Language:  Strong

Skip down a bit if you want to just hit up the reflections portion of the post.

I was originally going to go with Starship's song "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now", but after much deliberation I realized something.  Firstly, I really strongly dislike 80s Pop.  Secondly, the song is much more suited for my S post for next year, yeah?  But mostly because theme wise, this song kinda fits my blog's feel more, ya dig?

The song has a really bouncy beat to it that really just pulled me in right from the "Y'all can't f*ck with us" line.  It set the tone of the song straight out the gate and from there on out it just grooved right through the rest of it.  As per usual, Krizz manages to nail his flow as usual.  A steady feature in a lot of Tech's songs you pretty much know what you're getting from him.


As I've said for the last couple years, as a daily blog already the A to Z isn't as big an issue for me as it would be for a bi-weekly or monthly blogger.  The hardest part of the month continues to be freaking Q and X honestly.  The first year I did albums and out of the 6 albums I found that begin with the letter X, 2 of them belong to Mushroomhead.  That's straight up ridiculous honestly.

But honestly my favorite part of this is that people actually will visit and comment on my blog.  Due to not budgeting my time too well I don't really comment on too many blogs.  I said I'd be better last year, but apparently I lied.  Maybe next year, right?

This brings me to the List.  If you participated the A to Z this year you'll know that the facilitators decided to axe the list from years past since it was really hard to keep up with on their end from a maintenance standpoint.  That made a lot of sense to me, and while I was sad I wasn't gonna be able to cash in on those free page views that I was getting before it's not like I can blame anybody but myself on that front.

Dude, some of those guys got way more annoyed than they needed to.  It reminded me of people who ask an artist to paint them something.  When they get quoted a price and the first thing they shoot back with is "It can't really be that hard, that's ridiculous.  Can't you do it for *less* amount?"  That's what everybody who was talking about how the list couldn't be that hard to maintain sounded to me.  They never had to monitor 1000+ blogs to make sure the ones who weren't active were removed from the list, so they don't get a vote.

Honestly this turned out great.  I noticed a lot of comments when I actually was active on other people's blogs, I almost managed to get my name out a little, and some people found me cause I got added to somebody's personal list.  That was my favorite part honestly, I managed to get myself added on somebody's watch list.  I'm curious to see how long that lasts since I don't exactly post music that is widely loved by the blogging community.

What kind of music do you punks like anyway?  I keep hearing that what I post "isn't my scene" or "Just not my cup of tea", but only one person actually posted what they listen to.  I love interactions where I get to talk about music, so gimme something to talk about, eh?

Heck, if you stick around as a reader and occasional commenter I'll even post music you'd like on purpose.  That's a pretty dope offer, eh?

Happy A to Z guys, see a pile of you next year, and hopefully throughout this year.

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  1. I added you, and i will probably keep checking back, though probably not daily. I am a weekly blog poster myself, so the A to Z challenge was an effort and a half for me, whew, glad its over! But I agree that it was awesome getting comments and views so much more then normal. So what kind of music do I on the day, but i tend to stick in the general vicinity of the Rock category. Some days its Korn and SOTD (hard rock), some days its Nekromantix and Horror Pops (Rockabilly and Horror Punk <3, not rock, but ya know), some days its Lindsay Sterling and Piano Guys. I left my metal girl days behind me after too many live shows, to much guitar noodling (The last show was Behold... The Arctopus, it was the final straw) and to much gross metal dude sweat, it just killed it all for me. But I love the nostalgia i get reading your blog and seeing bands i used to listen to, and even listening to stuff i never heard of and thinking "oh wow, metal girl me would have loved that". Excited to have a new blog to check on!! :)

    1. The vicinity of Rock category is such a solid spot to sit though, you get the best of so many different styles that still sit close enough to count, ya know?

      Thank you so much for following though, that really means alot to me. Even though you're calling out my offer and making me post what you like, haha

  2. I post Mon-Fri and some weekends too so the daily posting isn't really a challenge for me either. I join the challenge because I enjoy finding new bloggers and interacting with them

    1. Thanks for swinging by! I agree, the new bloggers are always a blast to find.