Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Clash - I Fought The Law

Band:  The Clash
Song:  I Fought The Law
Album:  The Cost Of Living (EP)
Genre:  Punk

Every now and then I get launched on a Punk kick again.  This one was started with that MCR song a week or so ago, so I suppose that's a good streak to be on.  I don't usually get this caught up on styles so it's nice when a theme sticks around for long enough to try and get into new songs.

This of course is not a new song though.  The Clash is a group my dad introduced me to back when I first started listening to music.  While I don't own any physical copies of their albums I plan on rectifying that soon.  Like, I really only stream music anymore, but there's something about having a physical copy that just is nice to me, ya know?

Anyway, please enjoy this fun little ditty.

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